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31.05.2020 23:24:45
My first ever Acro flight - Homemade 3D Printed 5" Freestyle drone. фото

I bought myself a 3D Printer as being into fixed wing FPV I wanted to print parts for the Volantex G2 and then my search wandered into quads. I've always enjoyed seeing the Freestyle FPV stuff on youtube and the next thing I know I've ordered parts from Banggood and printed a frame (and a few custom parts).

First flight was in Angle mode as I'm a complete novice to FPV drones (I have a Xiaomi Fimi A3 but that practically flies its self) and wanted to check it flew first.. this video is my second flight with this drone.

Mamba F405 Mk2 Stack
DYS 2207 2600kv
5045 props
Eachine TX805 VTX
Flysky FS-X6B RX
4S 1500Mah
Runcam Split Micro

Drone frame is here - :4277862

Printed on an Ender 3 Pro in PLA

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31.05.2020 23:49:34
Nice stuff. Chase your dreams! Also, Let's Be Friends xd