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Old Guy's FPV Workshop LIVE - Sun, May 31st, 2020 8 pm EDT фото

Old Guy's FPV Workshop LIVE - Sun, May 31st, 2020 8 pm EDT

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The links below are affiliate links. I earn a small commission if you purchase using these links. This doesn't cost you anymore and really helps the channel. Thanks in advance!

Want to try your hand at FPV? Here is my recommendation for the best way to get started to see if you would like to pursue this terrific and somewhat addictive hobby
EMAX Tinyhawk 2 with goggles and controller

If you want to try your hand at building an FPV quad, here are 2 inexpensive choices that I recommend.

Eachine Tyro89 - small toothpick sized quad for beginners or advanced FPV pilots:
Banggood affiliate link for Tyro89

Eachine Tyro129 - a 7" quad perfect for INAV or Betaflight
Banggood affiliate link for Tyro129


Digital Soldering Station with Pure Aluminum Soldering Stand

Homidic 6.56FT Long Heat Gun, Mini Handheld Hot Air Gun, Electric 300W Portable Heat Gun


625pcs Heat Shrink Tubing Kit

Pre-Crimped Cables and SH1.0 Connectors

3M Scotch 897 Filament Tape

Genuine 3M 1/2" (12mm) x 15 Ft VHB Double Sided Foam Adhesive Tape

1 X BSI 142 Foam Cure 4 oz Glue

WayinTop Dupont Connector Crimping Tool Kit Crimper Plier 2.54mm Header Male Female Crimp Pins Terminals Housing 1 2 3 4 5 6 8 10 Pin and 40pin 1.27mm

VIGRUE M2 M3 M4 Alloy Steel Socket Head Cap Screws Nuts Set 1080pcs

Hot Glue Gun, TopElek Mini Glue Gun Kit with 30pcs Glue Sticks

BNTECHGO 30 Gauge Silicone Wire Kit Ultra Flexible 10 Color

iExcell 100 Pcs M3 x 6mm/8mm/10mm/12mm 12.9 Grade Alloy Steel Hex Socket Head Cap Screws Kit

ROOS 2-Piece Self-Stick Rubber Anti-Skid Pad Furniture and Floor Protectors

Finware 10 Pair Amass XT30U (XT30 Upgrade) Male Female Bullet Connectors Power Plugs

10 Pairs Amass XT60 XT-60 Male Female Bullet Connectors Plugs

Litorange 320PCS M3 Male Female Nylon Hex Spacer Standoff Screw Nut Threaded Pillar Assorted Assortment Kit

2 x Bostik Blu Tack Mastic Adhesive Putty Non Toxic Blue

Litorange 320PCS M2 Male Female Nylon Hex Spacer Standoff Screw Nut Assorted Assortment Kit

Kaisi S-130 Heat Insulation Silicone Soldering Mat Repair Work Mat

Striveday™ 26 AWG Flexible Silicone Wire Electric wire 26 gauge Coper Hook Up Wire

MG Chemicals Silicone Modified Conformal Coating, 55 ml Bottle with Brush Cap

KAKOO 51 Pcs Pin Vise Hand Drill Set with Micro Twist Drill Bits for Drilling Tool DIY Model Making

Gorilla Super Glue Gel, 20 Gram, Clear


FXT VIPER Version 2.0 FPV Goggles Video Glasses with 5.8 GHz 5 DVR HDMI IN Monitor for Drone Quadcopter

FrSky Upgraded Taranis QX7s With M7 Hall Sensor Gimbal 16 Channels Transmitter-Carbon Fiber

Lipo Battery Charger Touch Screen Dual Balance Discharger Duo AC150W DC240W 10A T240 1-6S RC

FrSky XM Plus Mini Receiver up to 16CH ONLY 1.6g Full Range Fit For Micro Drone

JHE42B Finder RC Quadcopter 110dB 5V Loud Buzzer

BN-220 GNSS GLONASS Dual GPS Module Antenna Built-in LED Flash TTL Level 9600bps 4M

DJI FPV Fly More Combo (Mode 2) FPV Drone Racing - Goggles, Air Unit, Transmitter

DJI Digital immersive FPV System with (2)Air Unit Modules, FPV Goggles

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