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01.06.2020 02:14:08
DJI FPV Raw Goggle Footage- May 31, 2020 фото

Raw in DJI goggle footage from a few packs that I flew today.

Flew 4 packs at Assumption High School with a few friends. Only uploading 2 packs since they were pretty similar. Trying to get more consistent at power loops as well as doing things in both directions.

Not meant to impress anyone, but more so act as a progression log for myself that I can reflect on. Similar to Joshua Bardwell's 3 Packs a Day to Get Good series. I'll more than likely be throwing together a highlight reel each month with pieces from each clip. I've only been flying 2-3 weeks at this point. Quad is basically untuned. I've only increased my rates to 1.12 and increased anti-gravity slightly since I was originally getting some nose dives, everything else is stock Betaflight. Now that I'm getting more comfortable with flying I will start tuning shortly.

Quad setup:
Frame: Armattan Chameleon TI
Motors: iFlight Xing Camo 2306 2450kv
FC: Holybro Kakute F7 v1.5
ESC: Mamba F50Pro
Camera/VTX: Caddx Vista DJI . Camera tilt= 25 degrees.
Receiver: TBS Crossfire Nano
Props: Ethix S5 then switched to HQProp DP V1S 5x4.3x3
Battery: GNB 4s 1500mah 130C

Goggles: DJI Digital FPV with TrueRC stubby antennas
Radio: TBS Tango 2 Pro

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