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30.10.2018 14:58:25
Watch this before you buy ThiEye Dr-X WiFi FPV Camera Quadcopter фото

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31.10.2018 00:41:46
You a Trip!! I like the Video I like that U took time before hand to know what its going to do. U did great job!The Tello I had quite a bit of experience with I can finally say. I thought it was Good I have not checked price on the competitor is it Good Enough to order +ship and handling or go to Wal-Mart and get Tello I WANT IT TO BE WORTH IT BUT IS IT?
winna nisa
30.10.2018 15:59:53
Wa'alaikumsalam ????
Gavin M
31.10.2018 02:12:31
Why are your hands all cut up? Was a quad not being nice
29.10.2018 14:37:24
I Got Feeling This is doing to Be A Good Time For. A RC Nerd like me,Nerd implys Smarts. I just a RC Hack but there's room for every type of flyer u are ,Don't no what type of flyer u are yet?This Top Gun (of RC ) can do it all and you will learn something even if you only see what else is out there
Khairul Azhar
30.10.2018 15:38:59
17.04.2019 11:59:07
Bro What is it's Range?
31.10.2018 06:35:02
Once again you never fail to provide an awesome video. Love you Alishamo. Hey Ali CAn I ask you a question? What is your opinion about brushed motors? Because I feel if you spend a significant amount of money on a drone the last thing it should have all brushed motors I feel that it’s a drone is going to be expensive or a considerable amount of money is the least it should have a brushless motors that is the bare minimum I don’t care what company makes it brushless motors are a must. I personally think brushed murders should be phased out.
30.10.2018 17:51:56
Hey, could you please turn off the 'premiering' option so you don't send notifications for every new video. I would have belled you if I wanted that. Thanks!
Chandra T
30.10.2018 15:30:58
Nice drone... ????
30.10.2018 17:26:46
Great video...hope you get well soon...i noticed you have scars head... hands very obvious when u mentioned yer knee...what happen? fell from your bike or skateboard? Take care my good brother......speedy recovery