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01.06.2020 05:25:41
Insta360 Go Stabilization Comparison on my Toothpick Quadcopter фото

0:49 FlowState Stabilization
1:38 FPV Stabilization
2:26 None/FlowState/FPV Stablization

I recently built a 3" micro-quadcopter primarily around KababFPVs Toothpick build recommendations, with a couple upgrades of my own.

I was excited enough about the update to allow the Insta360 Go Camera (Link: ) to record for up to 5 minutes that I thought it was a no-brainer to try the 20g action camera atop my new quadcopter.

Here's a video that I made to look at Insta360 Go's different stabilization options (None, FlowState, and FPV) and thought the results were interesting enough that I'd make a quick video and upload it to Youtube.

The biggest difference between FlowState and FPV seems to be that the stabilization attempts to keep the horizon locked and leveled. You'll see things act a bit wonky during my snap roll and my aborted power loop.

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01.06.2020 06:42:52
Remembers my 13th or 14th birthday when my Dad bought me a Cox Stuka gas engine plane, the kind with the strings attached to the airplane. OF COURSE, my Dad's buddy tried it first and flew it ok. But then my Dad flew it. That sucker did a few circles and then went UP, and really fast down. *Kaboom*!I didn't get to fly my birthday present for 2 months, since I had to fix all the damage via parts delivery. lolDon't know why I'm rambling, but good video. :)
Brian's Blog
01.06.2020 05:34:52
What's everybody's preference on on FlowState vs. FPV? I definitely like both, but think that FPV is going to work best for anything that's acrobatic and FlowState will work better when recording things more cinematic.