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01.06.2020 19:53:40
5.8G 600mw 5KM Wireless AV Transmitter TS832 40CH + RC832 TS5823 TS5828 Receiver 48CH For RC FPV Ra фото

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[4000118714823]Specifications:Video format supported: NTSC/PALAntenna connection: RP-SMA, jack (module side, both TX and RX)RC832 Receiver Feature:48 channels: Cover A, B, C,D,H,L 6 bands and all frequencies switching buttons: CH button for frequencies channels switching, FR button for frequencies bands digits display: one for CH and the other for FR, real-time positioning which frequency band and which channel off memory: Replay the very last frequency band and video and audio signal RC832:Channel:48CHPower input: DC 12VConsumption current: 200mA maxAntenna Input Impedance:50OhmAntenna Connecter:SMAAntenna Gain: 2dBiRx Sensitivity:-90dBmVideo Outout Level: 75Audio Outout Level:10Video format: NTSC/PAL autoDimension: 80x 65 x15mmWeight:85gTS832 Transmitter Features:This is 40-channel transmitter of 5.8G 600mW A/V wireless system.40 channels: Cover A, B, E, F and G band (Air wave band).Digital phase-locked loop circuit, no channel drift switching buttons: CH button for frequencies channels switching, FR button for frequencies bands transmission distance up to 800 meters without any obstacles and interfering signal( Actual transmission distance depends on specific environment).Small size, light weight, easy to carryThis item is only can transmit the picture and video without TS832 :Channel:40CHOperating Temperature: -10~+85Frequency: 5.8GTransmitting Power: 600mAOperating Volatge: 7-16VVideo Format: NTSC / PAL AutoWorking Current: 220mA/ 12VAudio Bandwidth : 6.5MHzVideo Bandwidth: 8MHzAudio Input Impedance:10K OhmVideo Input Impedance:75 OhmDimension: 54x 32x 10mm(excluding antenna)Weight:22gFrequency Range:FR1 5865,5845,5825,5805,5785,5765,5745,5725FR2 5733,5752,5771,5790,5809,5828,5847,5866FR3 5707,5685,5665,5645,5885,5905,5925,5945FR4 5740,5760,5780,5800,5820,5840,5860,5880FR5 5658,5695,5732,5769,5806,5843,5880,5917TS5828 Specifications:Transmitting unit weight: 7.3g (excluding antenna)video format supported: NTSC/PALWorking frequency: 5645-5945MhzPower input: 7-24VTransmitting current: 190mA 12VVideo band width: 8MAudio coding: 6.5MDimension: 30*20*8mm (excluding antenna)Package Contents:1 x TS382 Transmitter1 x RC832 Receiver2 x 5.8G Antenna3 x Cable1 x User manual ,,,,,,,,,

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