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01.06.2020 23:15:03
DJI FPV system range test - turn on CC to see overlay**** фото

I had recently decided to make the jump to HD and purchased the DJI FPV system, which has the goggles, air unit and radio.

The first few times out with the latest firmware: v01.00.05.00 I kept getting really bad range issues and only able to fly about a half(fish) football field away before losing video and radio control.

After that I decided to downgrade to v01.00.04.00 and test things out. Tested with the original antennas on the goggles and quad and then for the last test(which is this video) I used the TrueRC X-AIR 5.8GHz on the top of the goggles and the original antennas on the bottom. The quad had the original antennas the entire time.

As of right now I am sticking with the .04.00 version until things can be sorted with the latest FW. Some people have no issues and then others have major problems. .04.00 ran flawless and even better behind those metal buildings.

Thanks to Michael Pilkerton for being my runner and watching out around the buildings today!

Anyway, here is my test.

#djifpv #fpv #soarvafpv


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