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02.06.2020 01:00:08
The Shadow Player | Round the Twist - Season 4 Episode 10 (HD) фото

During a total eclipse, Linda's shadow breaks free and tells her the bad news. She's boring! With Linda's shadow now in charge, Linda starts to live the wild life. SUBSCRIBE for more classic Aussie kids shows: _confirmation=1

When the Twist kids – Pete, Linda and Bronson – and their Dad leave the city for a quiet life in the coastal town of Port Niranda, they get more than they bargained for. The lighthouse the Twists have moved into is haunted, and Port Niranda is a town where the weird and unexpected regularly occurs.
Ghosts, vikings, magical underpants, runaway shadows…#RoundTheTwist is an offbeat comedy series that will enchant the entire family.


Twisted Lunchbox is the hub for #AustraliasBestKidsTV, featuring a of iconic #kidsshows from classics such as ‘Round the Twist’ and ‘The Girl From Tomorrow’ to modern hits such as ‘Mortified’ and the animated ‘Flea-bitten!’.

Whether you’re revisiting favourites or discovering new exciting Aussie kids content, Twisted Lunchbox is your go-to for quality drama and ??s comedy.

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Twisted Lunchbox is brought to you by Australian ??s Television Foundation (ACTF). The ACTF is a national non-profit ??s media production and policy hub. The ACTF is a leading body for Australian ??s media; enabling the production, development and distribution of high quality, culturally relevant and distinctive entertainment for Australian and around the world.

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