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02.06.2020 07:29:08
Transtec Night navigation LED fluorescent light searchlight fixed wing model RC FPV racing drone фото

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[4000380883280]Specifications: 47*13*12mmWeight: 4.9g (with battery)Battery capacity: 85mahVoltage: 3.7VTip: With over discharge to use: The navigation light has three flashing modes: double flash, fast flashing and breathing. The switch buttons are in sequence, and the fourth button is turned methodAccording to the needs of the molder, you can fly anywhere on the model without any wiring. Please first in the expected installation locationAttach a transparent base paper to protect the surface of the aircraft, then attach the 3M sticker directly to the bottom of the navigation light, and then directly attach the navigation light to the protection the paper, the attached 3M adhesive is good. After use, it can be put back into the packaging box of this product, which can be reused many methodPlease use lithium battery special balance charge when charging, such as CB86, PL8, A6, etc. Some parts can not be charged, for example, charger model is not rechargeable, you can use the MICRO USB charging module attached to this product to charge (especially the navigation lights have not been used for a long time)Use, when the battery voltage is too low, you must first charge with the Micro USB charging module). Micro USB charging module also supports chargingThe electric treasure is plugged in, the charging treasure is charged to support 1A, 2A will be damaged, and the outdoor use is particularly videoshow by our customer

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