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02.06.2020 05:15:16
Activate FPV Stella: Emuflight 769-0.3.1 Matrix Filter Part 2 фото

I ordered a set of IFlight Xing 2207-2750kv unibell redtops about 3 weeks ago and has just been shipped like 4 days ago and won't get them by next week!! Taking too damn long!! So I decided to slap on some classic shoes I haven't used in almost a year. One of my favorites I just had to try with my current setup!! The ZMX FinX30 2207-2600kv motors!! Testing out Emuflight 769-0.3.1 Matrix filter on with Blackbird FPV cli dump!! Impressive how the quad flew today while I had to deal with 20mph winds!!

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Syedmuhd Akram
02.06.2020 07:58:43
Where did you get cli dum?