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Gran Turismo 4 - FPV F6 Typhoon 2004 - Fuji Speedway '80s Single Race - PS2 Games фото

Gran Turismo 4 - FPV F6 Typhoon 2004 - Fuji Speedway '80s Single Race - PS2 Games. All Gran Turismo 4 Cars Playlist :

The FPV F6 is an automobile that was produced in Australia by Ford Performance Vehicles from 2004 until 2014. It is a high-performance derivative of the Australian Ford Falcon.

The F6 is based on the modern-classic Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo sports sedan. The F6 engine is based on XR6T motor, a turbocharged intercooled DOHC 4.0L Inline Six with VCT, but includes: a modified FPV airbox (with Dual Ram Air intakes), higher strength conrods, larger air-to-air intercooler, high flow exhaust system, higher capacity fuel pump, and a Garrett GT3582r (same as the BA/BF XR6T) turbocharger with an internal waste gate (up from the GT3576r on the FG XR6T)running 0.64 bar of boost on the BA/BF models and 0.91 on the FG. This engine is known for its wide, flat torque curve, with peak torque of 565 N⋅m (417 lb⋅ft) available from 1950 to 5250 rpm(FG F6). This equates to strong acceleration throughout the rev range.

The F6 represented a diversification of sorts for FPV, broadening the reach of the brand to turbo buyers, a typically demographic than the V8 buyers that the Australian manufacturers traditionally cater to.

The Games : Gran Turismo 4
Platform : Playstation 2
Release date : 28 Desember 2004

Just doing single race in Fuji Speedway '80s with FPV F6 Typhoon 2004. The games is Original Gran Turismo 4 NTSC-U version played in Playstation 2 SCPH-55000, 1080p in Game Settings. Capture with Avermedia LGM GC-311, edited with Movavi ().

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Playstation 2 Gameplay
Gran Turismo 4 Replay
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FPV F6 Typhoon 2004
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Gran Turismo 4 Time Trial
Gran Turismo 4 Gameplay
Gran Turismo 4 with Bike
Gran Turismo 4 FPV F6 Typhoon 2004

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