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02.06.2020 06:31:20
6-1-2020 VA Models 40" Katana FPV flt #2 фото

I moved the camera forward to just behind the cowl.

0:33 I fly it into the ground because I can't see it!

1:00 I go under the branch that caused the crash in the first flight. Much easier to avoid it when I can actually see it!

1:30 Loop.

1:39 Roll.

1:48 Another ground hit. Getting frustrated because the only reason I hit it is because I can't see how low I am until it's too late.

2:04 Inverted!

2:27 Rolls!

3:03 Another loop.

3:20 Ground again. Argh!

3:38 Inverted again.

4:06 Roll down low. Ooops, a little too low.

I could easily avoid flying into the ground by flying higher, but where's the fun in that? :D

Eventually the DVR started acting up in the bright regions again. Not a battery issue this time, as it was running off a good 2S 1100mAh flight pack. I guess maybe it's overheating? The replacement can't arrive soon enough! It just shipped from CA today, though, so it'll be a while.

RC plane
radio control

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