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02.06.2020 13:00:07
LOOKS STRAIGHT TO ME / Flying FPV with a Crooked Camera фото

So crashed (pretty hard), and knocked the camera completely off kilter, and couldn't get it straighten in the field ( in other words, I didn't feel like disassembling to do it while in the field), so I decided to fly with it crooked. Surprisingly it wasn't too bad.


Video recorded on a GoPro Hero Session 5, Edited using FinalCutPro X, and exported in 29.97fps, 4k, h264, 57mbit/sec.

GoPro Settings:
2.7k 4:3 30fps
Flat color profile
Auto Shutter
400 ISO
Low Sharpness



Lukas van de Locke
Super Duper - The Only One


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Long Range (7"):
iFlight XL7 v4
iFlight 2814 1100kv
Gemfan Flash 7040x3 Props
iFlight Succex-E Mini F4 FC & ESC (2-6S)
Foxeer Falkor Mini
TBS Unify Pro32 HV
iFlight 150mm Long Range Antenna
FrSky R9 Mini Receiver
Ovonic 1550mah 100C 6S LiPos
JHE42B_S Finder Beeper

BMC3d Printed Parts
GPS/SMA Atenna Mount
GoPro Mount

Immortal T Mount

Frank (AKA DRL Racer 5):
Flamewheel 450 Frame (clone)
Lumenier Lux V2
Caddx Turtle
Eachine VTX03
SunnySky 2212 980kv motors
HQ 7x4x3 Props
FrSky X4R (with pins)
DJI Naza BEC (2s-6s)

Rad-X Build:
Rad-X Frame (KwadBox Exclusive)
Emax RS2205S 2300KV Motors
Maverick Lite 32bit 30A ESCs
Revolt V2 FC (FalcoX
Matek PDB
Ethix Watermelon Props
ImmersionRC Tramp
Foxeer Stubby Pagoda
FrSky R-XSR Receiver
Caddx Turbo SDR2 Plus FPV Camera

Dolphin Build:
Dolphin 1 frame
Black Mamba F40 4-n-1 ESC
3B Hobby 2207/2650KV Motors
Predator v4 mini
Foxeer Lollipop Antenna
FrSky R-XSR Rx
Ethix S3 Props

Acrobrat Build:
HKSRC Acrobrat Clone Frame
RotorRiot HypeTrain Brat 1407 4140v motors
Mamba F4 Mini Stack (FC & ESC)
Caddx Turtle V2 FPV Camera
FrSky XM+
TBS Triumph
RunCam TX200 VTX
HQ 3x3.1x3 Props

Ummagawd Build:
Ummagawd Remix Frame
CheePass 2205 / 2300kv Motors
Revolt FC (BetaFlight 4.0.6)
Bolt ESC
Runcam Swift Mini w/ 1.8 Lens
TBS Unify HV
Fatshark Spironet Stubby
Ethix S3 Props

Cinematic Build:
Lumenier QAV-R V2
DYS F4 Pro II (Betaflight 4.06)
Speedix 35A Blheli-S ESC
HypeTrain 2207/2450kv Blaster Motors
ImmersionRC Tramp HV Video Tx
R-XSR Receiver
Foxeer Pagoda Stubby Antenna
RotorRiot Swift Camera with Runcam 1.8 Lens
Ethix S3 Props

Botgrinder KISS Build::
Frame: Smashed Martian II (28mm standoffs)
Flight Controller: KISS V1
ESC: TBS Bulletproof 25A / DYS 30A Blheli-S
Motors: RDQ Badass 2205 2450kv
Props: Ethix S3
FPV Camera: Foxeer Predator Micro V2
VTX: ImmersionRC Tramp
VTX Antenna: Dipole
Receiver: FrSky XSR


My current FlightOne Setup #1:

Frame: Martian II
Flight Controller: FlightOne Revolt
ESC: FlightOne Bolt
Motors: CheePass 2205/2300kv
Props: HQ 5x4.3x3 V1S
FPV Camera: RunCam Swift 2 Mini
FPV Camera Lens: RunCam 1.8
VTX: TBS Unify Pro HV
VTX Antenna: Foxeer Lollipop 2 stubby
Receiver: FrSky R-XSR


My Current FlightOne Setup #2:

Frame: KwadBox RAD-X
Flight Controller: FlightOne Revolt
ESC: FlightOne Bolt
Motors: Emax RS2205S/2300kv
Props: HQ 5x4.3x3 V1S
FPV Camera: RunCam Swift 2 Micro
VTX: TBS Unify Pro HV
VTX Antenna: Foxeer Pagoda stubby
Receiver: FrSky R-XSR




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