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19.09.2017 18:02:45
Why you shouldn't buy Eachine EV100 FPV Goggles! фото

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Claimed FOV: 28°
from my measurements it's rather 24°!
see my math here:

5:23 FOV
6:40 Goggles AND Lens of FPV Cam should match!
7:50 Comparison of screensize

ext DVR, 15$:

Kabab FPV indepth review:
UAVFutures (positive review):
AliShanMao: 2 thumbs up

nice teardown and closeup pics of all the electronix:

►►INFOS to my copters/planes in the hangar:

Hangar filmed with:
Panasonic GX8 + R0de VideoMicro
Samsung Galaxy S7

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Compliments To The Piccolo 1 - Peter Sandberg

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Drone Lovers FPV
31.12.2017 00:40:25
Some of us dont get things for free and dont have a lot of cash to spend on the hobby so... When life gives you lemons... You fly with the FOV that you got, eh eh
Turbo FPV World
11.03.2018 20:16:25
I also must add,/// for you mention you are doing a review of the Topsky F7X...well yes they have a "bay" for the RX....BUT NO comparison from what I have seen and that is quite a bit on the first release and they are NOT simply NOT worth their price point as well not even close!!! I still would choose my Aomway Commander V1's over those as well!!! Yet to try Fat's and probably will not. For I WILL NOT shell out a total of $700 plus for all needed that you do NOT get when you purchase the goggles until I am able to at least strap a set of even the V3's not the HD version for I would rather have the 16:9 anyway, but I will not just send them that much cash because it is what everyone else that gets them for free uses hahaha lol shoot fire come the hell on!! And in all seriousness I CANNOT SEE them being THAT much if ANY better than my commmanders?? May be wrong and maybe some day will know myself for SURE!! But I am not willing nor well off enough to send ANYONE $700 to $800 or well $500 to them then $200 to $300 for ALL NEEDED after the $500 you'v already shelled out! just me?? THX!! L8r- Turbo.
Yanni Galloway
18.11.2017 01:23:08
dude Im pretty sure your gay. These are beginner goggles the film of view doesn't need to be supper big if the person has never had anything else. And that was your only reason for saying they suck? You said that the entente are bad but its only like $15 to upgrade to ok entente. Get a real life
Jim's videos
05.04.2018 09:04:17
If your reviews of poor products don't call them poor products then I have no reason to believe reviews where good products are called as much.
02.03.2018 07:58:47
In your opinion what is a good goggle at this price point? I'm new to the sport, looking to put a camera on my Traxxas aton. Any help with equipment suggestions would be appreciated.
04.04.2019 15:43:09
i really like his ignorance and annoying voice not gonna lie
31.05.2019 07:55:30
bullshit ev100 are very good for beginners
19.11.2017 01:43:51
hopefully the FuriBee FB100's arent the same, but I doubt it.
ricardo cam
20.01.2018 08:04:38
can someone help me, how much time do they charge the battery via usb ?? or if you check any led that the battery is already charged
YFariStudios - FarisFPV
03.11.2017 22:33:54
Lol I think too critical. Maybe because you are used to wide field of view? Anyways I have strabismus and also bad eye focus so these goggles are good for me (and cheap)
Manuel Eiras
06.01.2018 04:53:52
when you compare the topsky F7X to the Eachine EV100 its like you're comparing a Porsche to a civic. Not the same, Topsky is 3 times the price compared to the ev100 if you order it from Canada.I am still shopping to get my first set of goggles, that's why I am un youtube to see reviews, but you should compare products that are in the same price range.cheers.
Theresnobody Here
20.08.2018 05:34:08
Appluase at last an honest man, they forget we part with our hard earned money for rubbish you explained it all in detail the reason those goggles Are garbage I been bit an dissapointed with quads I got becuase I listened to conmen salespeople is all they are most could not fly a kite in a hurricane they seem clever at skipping crucial details of these products they they never paid for OHH sure it's all great.wonderfull,, Everything that's free is great it's all coming back to them soon big time people fed up with it sewer rats that's all they are
zac brewer
06.02.2019 02:26:25
You can't compare a 100 dollar product to a 700 dollar product. Yes the screen is small but it is not that small you can't fly with it. For a 100 dollar goggle that's not a box goggle they are the best in its price rang. Not everyone can afford a 600 dollar for a pair off goggles.
Bernie o'connor
10.12.2017 20:30:46
The thing with the EV100's Mario is that they were never meant to be Fatshark killers. These were and are designed as an entry level goggle at an entry level price which is well under $100 on a regular basis. They should be compared to the Fat Shark Teleporters and not Dominators etc. The EV200D's that Banggood are now working on will be criticised the same when they are aimed at competing against the Commanders and not the high end Fatsharks but everybody will compare them to the Fatsharks instead. I myself only own box goggles and a Blackpearl screen as my old eyes are not good with small goggles and the box goggles for me are easy to modify for my poor eyesight. My one concern though like others is the antenna diversity(what is that?)but I believe this has been made right in the EV200D's. I hope that Banggood do not blacklist you as they should value both good and critical reviews and learn from them. If you are lucky enough to get the EV200d's Mario please compare them to the correct Commanders that they are meant to compete with and not high end Fatsharks. Good luck my friend.
Justin Justin
03.01.2018 21:41:03
what would u suggest for 100 to 150 $?
01.01.2018 07:28:56
Hey Shim! What would you recommend for beginner FPV goggles? I'm on a tight budget for my setup so looking for as cheap as possible?
RC Hobbyist Extreme
06.12.2017 23:18:19
Too many Banggood shills out there! I think they try to be positive as far as their views are but cheap is what you get for that kind of money. I have watched a few reviews and everyone seems to be positive. I wear glasses so those are junk to me anyways. I can see my glasses fogging up or getting grease marks from hitting my face. They are cheap as beans because they made them that way. Thanks for being honest.
David Miller
27.02.2018 18:28:37
Banggood can go f*** themselves if they don't admire honest reviews. Thanks for your honesty.
26.11.2017 13:41:59
Good for you be honest thank you
Alex Mccutchan
10.03.2019 10:11:11
I honestly like my ev800d goggles better than my ev100. I bought the ev100 for $105 on banggood and the ev800d for $125 on Amazon and as much as I want the ev100 to be better... they aren't. I do like the aesthetic of the ev100, but the fov isn't worth it. I do fly both tho
16.01.2018 05:44:50
Honestly this review was pretty bad. It's basically saying "1080p is bad, and you should get 4k". Well no shit, but 4k cost like 200-300 dollars more... For 100 dollars you get what you paid for. People want cheap. Does this come with a lot of features and cheap? Yes. if you can find me another one that's 100$ or less then please do, but if it's more terrible than these goggles (Lacking more features, comfort, and lens adjustments) Then please don't waste my time.
KrYpToN xXx
20.01.2019 00:09:56
Whats about the new batch of the goggles people where talking about?
23.09.2017 19:30:44
yay, the "knowitall" confirmed my bad impression of the tiny FOV: www.youtube.com/watch?v=WW3Go490OyM
01.05.2018 19:25:47
You had me scared to death. I had ordered my EV-100's before I saw your video. I was prepaired to just mark them return to sender when they arrived. But I diddn't. I opened the box and tried them out. You was totally wrong their awesome goggles. Picture is plenty big and reception is good too. And I come from a past of cinematic box goggles so you was way off.
Roberto Martin
05.11.2017 07:03:58
Your title is really just click bait and useless. You never showed us a product we could buy for the same price range. People who are looking at this product is not willing to spend 300+ on a goggles. Lol
09.01.2018 04:52:34
I'm glad you gave one alternative, but everyone immersed in the hobby says to get Fatsharks. People interested in getting involved in flying aren't going to get Fatsharks. Honestly they SHOULDN'T get Fatsharks. Trying to coax someone into spending over $500 for one component isn't helping them any. Let them get the cheaper alternative, let them get the feel of flying and see if they want to get more involved with more expensive higher quality parts. Telling people that they need to take out a second mortgage for a hobby that they might not even want to continue is turning a lot of people off before they even start.
diy guru
06.12.2017 21:00:25
Thanks for being honest!!!
Andreas Schiller
22.04.2019 22:31:52
Wait a sec!! At 8 Minutes You see the three pictures in comparison. What I see are 3 pictures with very equal view angle, but just presented in different sizes. In fact the picture of the EV100 looks the sharpest of all up to the edges. I don´t get your point here. What you are stating is just not true. At 8:10 it is quite obvious, that the two pictures have the same view angle (maybe minus 2-3 deg), but one is just presented smaller. The quality of the EV100 picture is actually better than the quality of the Cyclops V2. Don´t get me wrong, I do not posess an EV100 and I don´t have the first person experiance, but from what I am seeing in your review, the view angles are quite the same. I have a Walkera Goggle4, but I am searching for alternatives, because I am wearing glasses. Despite your review, now I want to have it even more. Thanks dude. :-)
29.05.2018 05:45:12
What isn’t mentioned is from a beginner to FPV standpoint. Of course, for a more advanced FPV pilot, no, these would not be the goggle, but someone just getting into the FPV part of the sport, why not? Why sink hundreds more into something that may or may not be for you? You won’t find ANYTHING better for an introduction to FPV at this price point. This review is too one-sided.
Kaine Joyes
09.04.2019 11:44:11
Ok, so there aren't as good as fat shark dominators ($600) or fat shark attitude ($500) so what else is available on a budget of $100? Obviously we know theres going to be compromises but as someone just getting into the hobby I'm not about to drop $600 on googles
Derik Dang
15.05.2018 20:21:36
RCSchim - "Thank You" for the honest opinion on this goggle. It's almost get my bite on one :-D.
Alasdair McC
15.02.2018 16:39:57
I was lucky enough to try a friends Skyzones, and only lucky in that it stopped me from buying them... instantly. I ended up with HD3's plus my own made box goggles with a HD screen, as looking at such a small screen is just crazy, and I believe it's simply a manufacturers way of hiding crap resolution displays. If it only has 240 line vertical res, but appears the size of a pocket tv from down the hall it will still seem sharp. Maybe people with tunnel vision would like them, but for most, given the choice wouldn't.It's a unique market, having a product that really needs to be trial tested to evaluate things like field of view, colour saturation, colour purity, contrast, brightness, sharpness, comfort, focus, IPD compatability, light sealing, and added features like true diversity or dvr, battery life, parts replacement etc, they are all usually just decided by youtube reviews and Chinese specifications. Unless you know someone who buys first, we all rely on reviewers like you Mario, who can thankfully be well trusted to save us from disappointment.. and from going broke. Cheers
Erik cramer
22.10.2018 23:04:07
Have you played with the eachine ev200d? And what's your honest opinion about those?
18.12.2017 03:20:58
Nice vid,just subscribed tnx
Tomas Beblar
07.03.2018 11:12:57
Thank you for the honest review. I was going to get the X220 with EV100 googles based on UAVfutures reviews. What do you recommend for a first time pilot?
Umbra Jord
21.12.2017 13:01:32
Ok.... so what do I do if I don't like box goggles and at the same time I don't have 300 dollars then?
peter rowland
14.01.2018 20:00:27
Top man!! Great video!! Honesty pays bro!!!
rui simoes
19.10.2019 20:22:27
man, this video gave some discussion.. do ppl also get money for the comments? anyway, thanks for expressing your opinion. Every opinion is valid, especially if it comes from someone experienced. But i do tend to agree, that you compare it to goggles much more expensive. I havent bought anything yet, and i was trying to understand how good/bad these are. guess i learned on your video what's important (at least for an experienced FPV pilot), but i also learned from the comments that these goggles work okish to start. for that, i thank you all. cheers!
Duster L
30.12.2017 09:26:03
New subscriber here and also new to the FPV world. I bought a set of EV800 'goggles' and used them for a grand total of maybe 5 minutes before a motor on my craft bit the dust. For the time I used them though, they seemed pretty neat (mind you nothing to compare to). Anyway, all that said, it would be quite welcome if you could maybe do a video talking about lens size and field of vision and aspect ratios with goggles and all that stuff. I hear mentions of it on reviews, but so far I havent really found much information on it beyond the advice to "match" the camera with the goggles. That much, I think, is common sense, but how does lens size relate to a changing FOV? What about wide angle lenses? What about DVRs? Things like that. Either way, badass review, glad I saw it because until your review I didnt realize how narrow of view these goggles have. You saved me from a worthless purchase! And one more thing, I really hope BG doesnt put you on some blacklist or whatever. I would lose a lot of respect for them. Everyone has dud products and thats nothing I would hold against BG, but to shut down any critical reviews? Thats just a bad sign...
29.03.2018 00:21:07
Ok yes they're not perfect but as a cheap entry level goggle they do the job, the key selling point for me was the adjustable lenses, no other goggles have that yet. Yes it's narrow but honestly, you learn to work with what you have. If I had several hundred to spend on some decent ones I would, this is allowing the hobbyists that don't have a fortune to spend on it an opportunity to get away from the clunky box on the head.
Shattered DnB
26.09.2018 18:31:33
Thank you, you just saved me $100! Now I´ll just have to figure out how to save about 500 more for those Fatsharks and all nececities
The Great Mechanized Ape
21.11.2017 21:44:40
stu is a total shill. he has no shame.. this was a great review.
Kazim Afzal
06.12.2017 07:23:39
Thanks for the much more honest and accurate review!!!
21.12.2017 22:50:05
Loved you review, thanks a lot.I am new to this hobby. I saw vids of guys flying bwhoop b03 tiny drone indoor between furniture. Looks very precise and fun. Can you suggest transmitter and goggle(box goggle or ..) for me? I would only use them to fly this drone indoor with my families by the way.
Horst Knatter
13.11.2019 15:15:37
Danke für deine ehrlichen Reviews! Gibt leider nicht viele ytuber solcher Art. Mach weiter so!
08.11.2018 11:44:11
As everyone here has already stated, I am looking to get into building quadcopters and doing some FPV flight. Sure I want the best but I sure as fuck am not going to dive in and spend 500 for goggles alone when so far my quad parts are barely over 200... Could be a bit cheaper too if I were to buy a 4-pack of the motors at 55 bucks or so instead of 25 a motor, still trying to figure out performance differences and the like of all the parts I am looking into. Your review however is terrible.When I can buy something like this for $97 US vs $500 dollars permitted it actually does the job, I will. Then later down the line if I like the hobby and want to continue or upgrade yeah! A Fatshark in that regard is perfect. Some of us want super cars but my dirt cheap 310HP car will do just fine til perhaps one day I can afford to get one and I am in no way about to try and review how shit mine is compared to said super cars either! ;}
Kappy P
31.12.2017 16:20:33
Good, but what do you compare. lowest price shelf (100 $) vs FatSharks (at least 500 $) and you are surprised that they are worse LOL dislike
Bank Husskul
17.12.2017 13:00:58
Awesome review man Keep it up
It's me FPV
13.10.2019 23:24:50
Those FPV glasses are really good! The DVR cost 15$ and they are not to looking that bad on the glasses! I think that review is not really good! Of course the fat shark is better but it cost 200 or 500 more! Many beginners are happy with it and I also really like it! And I don't think that I'm such a beginner! I think it is one of the best Glasses on market!!Look at my account!! I like flying with it!
Phillip Cecil
10.04.2018 08:47:42
I've used them and they actually work well for getting into the fpv
11.07.2018 18:06:49
I got them for 86 euros, I think that it's what they're worth
11.05.2018 03:40:11
i have these goggles. came from box goggles (ev800d ). 28 degrees feels about as immersive as sitting in front of a computer screen, its not bad in my opinion actually rather nice coming from the boxes. honestly it seems like a lot of the YT pilots have sticks up their ass when it comes to this stuff, i have to buy my FPV stuff on a budget. 300 dollars is not something i can just toss around. given the price and considering lower resolution, i would take the smaller/ relatively sharper image over the 480p movie theater that i am used to. as for lack of diversity i barely used it on my eachine Ev800d which has true diversity. so i'm not really losing anything. maybe tonnes of goggles out there do what the ev100 can do and more, but few of them are at or below its price range.
Brandon Johnson
26.04.2018 04:39:10
Actually they are worth the money, I paid 105 american for a pair and another 17 american for a dvr and I love them, now I guess if I had already looked through a pair of 600 dollar goggles and then put these on maybe I could say they suck, the point is that whether you drive a Benz or a Camry, you still can share the same highway and maintain travel capability. I dont even see how you can compare fatshark to these, atleast these come with the damn reciever. $580 vs. $105, if you give some people a pound of gold they will complain that its to heavy to carry
FPV Under250
09.02.2018 22:55:46
Hey! Good to see honest unhyped reviews, I really appreciate That!. I own a set of the ev100 goggles and when they first arrived I had that same wtf feeling you had when you first try them. I was sooo disappointed, fortunately for me, I had a technical issue with my goggles and was able to get a refund from banggood. I was later able to repair the issue, but after tossing them aside for a while, a buddy of mine came to fly tiny whoops in my garage and his box goggles died, so I told him I'd let him use mine and I'd suffer through the ev100 tunnel vision. It was awful at first, but believe it or Not, I've actually really grown to like them, and It seems that my eyes have adjusted to them quite well. They somehow 'feel' as if the screens are bigger. Even as I write this, I remember that righteous hate I had on for these goggles, but if they died on me, I'd actually probably get another pair. Maybe I'm crazy, but my opinion of these goggles has improved a great deal since I first tried them.
12.02.2019 08:16:27
In this price range, there is probably nothing suitable? At the moment I am using an eachine Vr006, where I glued a reading glasses in with hot glue haha.
Would not everything be better than that?My camera has only 150 ° anyway
and sadly I have to fly it for a bit longer time.ach das ist doch mist -.-
Gary the Great
16.01.2018 17:09:45
I totally disagree.. we're talking about $99 goggles.. what do you expect.. I do own a pair of these. And I could say honestly they're worth $99.And lensAdjusters work amazingly well.. and it actually has a fan... Don't compare these two or more expensive pair of fpv goggles and expect comptable results...
14.07.2019 05:19:18
I dont know i use them for fpv in rc car and Plane. I will buy some better Ones soon but for trying the whole fpv trying to see if you like it this googles are just fine. I paid for googles and camera with integrated transmitter for 90euros.
Ardijan Domgjonaj
12.03.2018 17:11:53
Good review i buy 1
17.02.2018 08:46:21
Fuck you!!
Trevor Roe
11.09.2019 00:44:41
Eachine Ev100 goggles are perfect, they are no different to my fatshark teleporter v5 goggles if not much better as Ev100 have adjustable eye and better vision, they do the job, i just recommend getting correct camra lens size
error 404
23.11.2017 02:29:10
I m just a noob trying to find a decent racing fpv drone to get. So I'm watching reviews and tutorials. I have to say to you something I didn't appreciate from your side and I noticed that immediately. I have seen 2 or 3 vids of Stew and his channel the and that's all.I learned from you today his name. You starting your review by criticizing Stew in a bad way that reveals a kind of hate about him. That is unprofessional in my opinion. At the same time you were so wrong because Stew actually had a negative thought about the EV100.Like the crap antenna which during the test he changed with another one. He mention very clearly the small FOV issue. Probably you need to see the video better bro.Are you sure you are talking about the correct review? I 'm surprised . Then you talk about the Topsky Fx7 which yeah they looking better ones but I don't think I can trust you after that. It was a mistake.All I need to see as a viewer is your reliable review on the product and not a youtube drama alert. Actually its difficult to trust a lot of youtubers these days which they do video reviews about products, games e.t.c because most of the times there are companies hiding behind. They provide with free parts or they pay to get a positive review or to blast their competitor. Probably Stew is doing that also. And also maybe you are doing that on this video. Don't buy this. Buy that. So that's my complain . Sorry if I sound too judgemental but I just saw Stew's video and immediately went to yours and how you started ringed a bell to me as a viewer and only..
08.12.2017 08:41:08
I love this guy. I love his honesty.Happy subscriber.
Marc Cayouette
11.03.2018 20:25:46
Thanks for your FOV picture comparison. Much appreciated ;-)
Joe Manning
08.02.2018 09:17:45
I know that this is old but you are totally lying. UAVfutures absolutely did mention the field of view several times in his video. Explained that it was much smaller then his other 2 favorite goggles and even stated the field of view in degrees. He was giving them a thumbs up for value for money. Some people can't afford 300 to 600 dollar goggles and what he did was rate them on a what you get for the price basis. Seems like your just jealous.
Turbo FPV World
11.03.2018 19:02:57
I wrote this on down in the comments and got on a rant and carried away but thought EVERYONE should read it not just whoever reads the replies.....so here we go my little Novel about China and these such items there is NOTHING wrong with telling the damned truth and if you don't you are spineless and as I sad before a total sell out, for I would imagine that IS why Banggood does not on a regular basis send me items for review for I WILL tell it like it is and as I see it!! I will not lie in my videos for it would be a COMPLETE waste of my and anyone who watches time PERIOD if I were to do so, I am mostly self funded have very few that send me things we make our own budget on what we can and will review now and NO REASON TO LIE ABOUT it for I don't gain SHIT!! WORD.....Thanks for a good honest review from someone who watches reviews FOR A REASON!!! L8r- Turbo. Have a good one!!!
Dronzee Fpv
20.12.2017 04:11:13
What do i buy then for 100 cuid that arent box goggles or shite