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07.06.2019 21:25:03
No Budget FPV - What I Would Buy Again If There Were NO Budget Restraints фото

Howdy, so what if you want to get into FPV and you have no budget restraints, what do you invest in? Thats the topic for this live video chat and to answer Marks questions from the RTNO FB Group. Links below, Press SHOW MORE to see them, Matt

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FPV Goggles:
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Fatshark V3 Googles -
FatShark HDO - or
Quanum: _us/

Aomway Antennas
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

FPV Transmitter:
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Eachine TX526:

FPV Cameras:
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
RunCam Swift:
Runcam Eagle 2:

FPV Models:
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Sonic Modell AR900: or
XUAV Mini Talon:

Flight Controllers
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
EagleTree Vector -
Matek F722 -

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
CrossFire: :crossfire_tx
FrkSky R9:

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Michael Ryan
08.06.2019 01:58:23
Hi Matt .. You should try the new Myflydream Autopilot Crosshair .. Computer not required to set up... Color OSD and more.Plug and play etc Auto launch Mavlink support.. plus lots more.Cheaper than the vector..
Joe Naylor
10.06.2019 01:55:09
11:04 Fatshark V3 out of stock at Banggood and I cannot find any at the usual places here in the USA. Maybe they are all gone?
Chris Romano
08.06.2019 13:26:06
Skyzone o2s to start, they where great. Now I have Hdo with rapid fire. so amazing. Get a rapid fire no matter what fatshark you get.
Ivan Ivanov
19.06.2019 21:06:36
There is too much marketing in the hobby this days, and les understanding. Most of the products are quad oriented, and the quad community pays a lot attention to be fancy and in the top of the tech line. Good example are fpv camera development, all new models are racing quad flip ang roll oriented fisheye.
Steve Corwonski
08.06.2019 02:13:59
I have The same goggles as Matt, True-d 3.5 module, and have no interest in upgrading. That said, I have a pair of Eachine ev800d's for passengers, and though I don't use them, everyone I have handed them too has liked them and used them with no problem, including glasses wearers.
Virtual Willis
07.06.2019 21:57:31
Box goggles for life. I've tried looking through a couple of fatshark from various flying buddies and it all looks like 2 postage stamps being held a foot away from my eyes. I don't know how they fly with those itsy bitsy screens. My first goggles were the JJpro ones from Amazon and second set were the Eachine ones with diversity and DVR (800D I think) and they both had massive screens which gives a great panoramic view. Absolutely love them and could never imagine going with the postage stamps after being spoiled with huge vistas for so long. Only drawback is I look like a massive wanker, and that's BEFORE putting on the box goggles...
Joe Naylor
09.06.2019 21:08:16
8:30 Not sure why you would want 2 sets of Clover Leaf antennas. Seems like you just need a single set with the center pins configured as needed for your goggles and VTX
Brad ogle
07.06.2019 23:15:57
Wonderful video!!!! I must know what you think of 4G conversion capable wings or planes. And why don’t I see more examples? I know here in the states 4G coverage is so good that it seems like a no brainer. I would think with perfect video ,telemetry and reception for remote control that everyone would be using it. Is it possible I’m missing something other than the high cost of a monthly 4G cellular service and hardware that you could actually swap between wings or planes. I want to see more planes capable of this. ????????????????????. MAGA !!!!!!! PLEASE COMMENT
09.06.2019 06:25:09
I have Fatsharks HOD and V3's. Love the HDO with a runcam eagle 2 not the 2 pro.
Matthias Hryniszak
09.09.2019 13:02:43
Fatshark goggles are way overrated. They are comfortable but to complete the set you need a really good receiver and the good ones don't come cheap. The RX Matt is referring to is no good compared to the cheap EV800D, which is less than 1/3rd of the price of the goggles and the RX being presented.However, if you invest good money to HDOs and rapidFIRE then the combination is just the fricken best. Costs a little less than a used car but you will be really happy with the result.
09.06.2019 06:47:30
Flykey Rafale from a few years ago 854x480 16:9. Good google with awesome reception. Now I keep eyeing up eachine EV200D. 1280 x 720 & 16:9 4:3 switchable. Very tempting as HDO's are off my list as they are 4:3 only.
sasa sasa
11.06.2019 13:28:30
EagleTree products are great. Just remember to buy buzzer. But yes, people should buy more Vectors. These are not cheap but good value, got easily 5 years of service from mine and no issues.Micro Vector is also great.
Robert Sheldon
08.06.2019 01:31:46
It is great to listen to someone who sayes " I have this equipment that I purchased and it works super". I am not on a budget. I want to buy things that work well. This was the best buying suggestions I have heard ever! I do not want to go on, and on, about the suggestions, but I now now know I will be buying !!!
Jason Jackson
07.06.2019 21:35:35
What about the occusync - dji racing goggles pair up?
08.06.2019 10:23:15
Foxeer Kitten looks to be like the RC OWL + ONLY BETTER!!! I have FatShark Dominator SE goggles.
Vyacheslav Shcherbakov
08.06.2019 01:01:43
You need to try the Foxeer Falcor!