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16.02.2018 01:30:57
JDRC JD-20 WIFI FPV Quadcopter drone review фото

Jingdatoys JDRC JD-20 JD20 WIFI FPV with 2MP Wide Angle Camera, Altitude Hold, RTF Foldable RC Quadcopter drone review. This includes unboxing, analysis, setup, failsafe, features & flight tests. You can get this here:

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Bill M - RC
18.02.2018 14:59:16
Hi, thank you for watching & asking. Due to the number of questions & enquiries I get now, I only respond to subscribers. It is only fair for my time and costs you nothing to subscribe. Sorry, hope you understand. Regards, Bill.
16.02.2018 19:28:54
Great review ????
Peter Jensen
04.04.2019 21:56:50
Don’t waste your money, this is a piece of crap ???? REALLY REALLY BAD.
İlhan Arikan
18.02.2018 19:04:04
Very well done review Bill! Many thanks and have a great weekend. ???? ✌
Torro ́s RC Channel
16.02.2018 04:36:44
Very cool Copter and great maiden flight.........thumbs up Bill ????????
Matej Nakic
21.02.2018 17:51:22
Nice video !!! I love your videos and drones !! By ????
Falcon Night
15.10.2019 08:01:34
How To do flip this drone?Whic Keys do you press?Please! Answer!!
pete woody
19.07.2018 20:12:00
hya why cant is see the live video on my drone and app
Rahim Bin Khalid
27.07.2018 11:38:32
Bro how turn of the lights
Tim Felix Brosch
16.02.2018 01:32:34
Nice, keep going
Marcelo GuanaBara
24.06.2018 21:04:45
Hello, how are you?I bought a JD-20 Drone and watched your video on it.I did everything you recommended and the way you did, but when it comes to flying I feel like it's not calibrated, because it does not stay stable in the air.Whenever he leaves the ground he goes diagonally to the right and back.There was no wind in the place.What should I do?Appreciate,[email protected]
20.04.2018 03:26:51
Chinglish? LUL
Canadian Drone Hub
16.02.2018 01:46:02
Nice review  and flying Bill keep on going ,
Jayco Tahura
09.07.2018 11:34:47
the new jdrc jd20s drone can u unbox one tnx
James J.
16.02.2018 02:17:54
The tech is getting better and better each year. nice review and drone.
20.04.2018 03:27:49
I was going to say thanks for not calling it a DJI Spark Clone... But you did it, not on the title but on the review :P Spark isn't even foldable!!!
Furball Kim FPV
16.02.2018 17:58:57
Hi Bill hope you been doing well. Flys well camera isn't to bad. Great review on her. big like Bill thank you