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21.01.2020 14:30:02
AKASO A300 Foldable FPV Drone with Camera 1080P Camera Quadcopter Price Buy Drone Price in Pakistan фото

Now you can buy #drone #quadcopter from in #Pakistan.

For any questions or latest price of AKASO A300 Foldable Drone with Camera 1080P Camera FPV Drones Live Video Altitude Hold One Key Take Off/Landing RC Drone Best Gift for Boys and Girl Drone for Beginners Adults Kids in Pakistan, add below a comment.

1. HD Camera FPV Real-time Transmission: The super mini drone equipped with 1080P front camera and bottom camera can take aerial photos and videos, With the built-in WiFi module, you can see exactly what your camera sees with a live video on your mobile device by installing the APP.
2. Optical Altitude Hold One Key Take Off Landing : On altitude hold mode, you can accurately lock the height and location, stable hover and capture video or photos from any angle shooting, making the experience very easy and convenient, even a novice, can play this drone easily. The drone automatically takes off and lands with one click, which is very handy.
3. 3D Flip One Key Return : The A300 drone includes the new 3D rolling special effects and can be quite the surprise! One-key return function allows the drone to return automatically without losing the drone.
4. Headless Mode Trimming :In Headless mode, the drone will move forward, backward, and side to side relative to the original orientation of the drone when the button is pushed, instead of relative to the front of the drone. This makes joystick control of the drone much easier, especially when out of sight. The trimming function allows you to make small adjustments to the tilt of the drone to enable steady hovering even in light wind.
5. Foldable Easy to Carry:The foldable pocket drone is easy to carry, light weight. Maybe this is your first drone of aerial, do not worry, this drone is very easy for beginners to play. The flight time is about 8-14 minutes per full charged batteries.

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