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30.06.2020 05:30:05
TBS Crossfire Micro TX V2 - Teardown & Review фото

So, today I am going over the new TBS Crossfire MicroTX v2.
I did not expect this tbh (keep in mind that the v1 was working just fine) but any advancements are more than welcome.
This new MicroTX v2 comes with a newly redesigned PCB, a more powerful RF amplifier IC and USB-C. Also from what TBS said, this new version has FCC and CE certifications witch means a great deal.
And probably many secret firmware options that we will discover in the future!

Fell free to leave your opinion in the comments section and because, approx 60% of viewers are not subscribed, please press that subscribe button & notification bell.

Thank you!

Tools I use:
Hot Air Station:
Microscope camera:
Camera adapter:
PCB holder:
Soldering Iron:
Soldering Tips:
Solder: Loctite 60/40 0.5mm
Solder wick:
PS: Better Hot Air Station:

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Israel Shirk
30.06.2020 06:19:30
That’s really nice! Here’s to hoping the full size and RX’s get similar filtering/amps instead of the broad spectrum amps they have currently!