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09.03.2016 22:15:28
FX 6CI Drone Quadcopter Record Take Pictures Live View FPV Buy @ www smartconceptusa com фото

FX 6CI Drone Quadcopter Record Take Pictures Live View FPV Buy @ www smartconceptusa com

State of Assembly: Ready-to-Go

Action Time:5-8 minutes

Warning: Don’t fly in the rain

Remote Control:Yes

Controller Mode: MODE2

Dimensions: 32*32*8

Warranty: manufacturer warranty

Controller Battery: AAA battery

Charging Time: 120 minutes

Remote Distance: 30 meters

Material: Metal,Plastic,PU

Power Source: Electric

Charging Voltage: 110/ 220V

Plugs Type:US spec

Control Channels: 4 Channels

Model Number: Fx-6Ci

Package Includes: Original Box, Instructions, Charger, Remote Controller, USB Cable

4 Channel quadcopter: 6 Axis gyro drones

2.4GHz : Rc helicopter

WIFI CAMERA: 2M pixel camera

FPV drone: with WIFI real time video

Qudrocopter with : HD camera

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