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21.12.2019 09:30:12
Where to Buy The Parts? | Build an FPV Drone in India | FPV Drone Basics | Mr. Shagi фото

In this video, I give my recommendations for the parts to build an FPV Drone.
All the parts are chosen such that, you have a good first experience, will serve you reliably, and have a good ROI in the long-term.
If you choose to upgrade or go cheaper, you can check out the alternative parts that I have linked below, category wise:

# Frame:
(My Recommendation)
TBS Source Once V3 :-

Frog Lite:-
You can choose any other design you like from , just make sure it's a 5" inch frame.

# Camera:
(My Recommendation) Foxeer Arrow Mini:-
(Micro Version):-

(what I currently have) CaddX Turbo Micro S1:-

# VTx:
(My Recommendation) AKK X2 ultimate:-

(Cheaper alternative) Eachine Vtx:-

# Antennas:
(My Recommendation) Foxeer Lollipop:-

Premium 5.8GHz Antennas:
(What I use) TBS Triumph Antenna:-
Lumineer AXII Antenna:-

# ESC + Flight Controller Combo Stacks:
(Tight budget) Mamba F4 + 40A 4in1 ESC stack :-

(Mid-range budget) Mamba F7 FlightController+ 50A 4in 1 ESC stack:-

# Premium Flight Controllers:
Kakute F7:-
(What I use) Matek F7:-

# Premium 4 in 1 ESCs:
HobbyWing 60A:-
AKK 35A:-

# Motors:-
(Best Budget and Value for money)
Emax ECO 2306 1700kv (6s):-

Emax ECO 2207 1700kv (6s):-

# Propellers:-
(My Recommendation, Highly Durable) HQ Prop:-

# Lipo Battery:
(My Recommendation , high quality)
Dinogy Graphene 6s:-

# Lipo Battery Charger:-
(My Recommendation) TolkitRC M8:-
Link1 gettbs:-
Link2 baggood:-

(cheaper alternative)iMAX B6:-

# XT60 Battery Lead (male-female):-

# Radio Transmitter and Reciever:-
Taranis Q7X:-

(My Recommendation, supports Lua Scripts) R-XSR Receiver:-

(cheaper alternative, does NOT Support Lua Scripts ) XM+ Receiver:-

#LongRange TBS Crossfire Module and Reciever:
Crosfire Micro Tx:-
Crossfire Full Range:-
Crossfire Nano Reciever:-

# FPV Goggles:-
(My Recommendation,Best budget) Eachine EV800D:-

Mid Range FPV Goggles:
Fatshark Attiyude V5:-
SkyZone Sky 02X:-
SkyZone Sky02C:-
Aomway Commander V1s:-

Top of the Line FPV Systems:-
DJI Digital FPV System:-
FatShark HDO2:-

Must Haves :
# Battery Strap:-
# Neck Strap:-
# Hex Driver Set:-
# Heat Shrink Assortment:-
# Lipo ExplosionSafe Bag:-

Thank you so much for watching, and I hope you get to learn something. See you in the next one ✌❤.

Link to Joshua Bardwell's Channel:-

And here is some Long-range FPV Footage as I promised, enjoy. :-)

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Faiz Patel
19.02.2020 22:56:28
Was about to construct it, but the cost went to high, close enough to dji spark.
Geetha D
15.02.2020 05:19:27
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