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18.11.2019 21:00:02
INTERVIEW: Why buy Orqa FPV one instead of HDO2 or DJI FPV фото

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Orqa is finally shipping. But HDO2 delivers the same optical specs for $150 cheaper. And DJI FPV with two Air Units is almost the same price as an Orqa and a RapidFire module. So the big question I asked Orqa is: why should someone consider Orqa and not HDO2 or DJI?


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From above and beyond
24.11.2019 09:21:19
I have newer flew fpv, this Googles would be the dream for a starter like me ????
really fast!!
11.02.2020 02:17:12
Uh uh um uh uh uh
Xplore FPV
19.11.2019 10:19:36
I really like the styling, I probably don't need to upgrade from my HDO's but these and the HDO2 are looking like a good Christmas present for myself ????
Sir Braap_a_lot
19.11.2019 07:25:27
Who else is here from the live video to hear uuhhh? ???? uh
Chrizz FPV
19.11.2019 20:22:40
Cool video :D P L U S - all the A.ha.a. - like these guys :D GOOD start for the release!
Doctor FPV
19.11.2019 14:37:52
Stop saying ugh. This was miserable to watch
19.11.2019 20:39:46
I have a wide face and the Fatshark faceplate is a little tight if the Orqa has a bigger faceplate I'll buy them for that and the better DVR
Sleeping Bear
19.11.2019 16:23:01
Voice over is huge! Thanks! Great dvr is important. Worth 150 bucks that alone. If good enough..no need for run cam?
warren davies
20.11.2019 10:04:08
Thank you so much for your help started with FPV in Jan would never get the thing of the ground if it was not for you have learned so much love it come at a great time for me as i lost my dad in August bad time for me hell all my hair fell out last week becouse of the stress FPV saved me
19.11.2019 19:31:12
the main thing holding orca back imo is the supporting modules, not its competition!!!!!!.....ANALOG JUST SUCKS sorry, the genie is out of the bottle and not going back in. AND bytefrost is......well is a step in the right direction but not on the level of DJI FPV sorry..... Honestly Orca doesn't have to worry about HD02, they need to worry about DJI. OLED's are great but i think people are over stating how good they are in terms of overall Fpv experience. Contrast is important, but there is more to image quality and fpv experience then just contrast in blacks etc.... DJI has the BEST most revolutionary product in the FPV market right now. I hope orca can challenge this, but i don't see it happening given the alternatives to digital that it supports are simply not good enough to show case its full potential. Orca paired with a nice digital rig, would probably be the best looking in terms of image quality. At least on paper. I know Byetfrost is the only digital option available that will work with orca but i suspect everyone is reverse engineering everyone else and we shall see more digital options next year sometime. But dang, you are gonna spend some skrills to get on that level. 650 (orca) + 450 (bytefrost) is the best u can get with this rig so far. That's more expensive then DJI FPV cost of entry....I realize that orca is tageting the entitled oldtimers but still. Also the bells and whistles NEED TO BE INCLUDED PERIOD, NOT TIME LIMITED. ITS ALREADY TO EXPENSIVE!!!!!
Michael King
20.11.2019 20:14:49
How many units per month are produced
Vincent Fischer
19.11.2019 23:07:19
I thought for a split second I see charpu
19.11.2019 07:42:14
But have they been Parmesan Approved yet???
JRC Aerial
19.11.2019 02:58:53
Thank you JB for making this video chat happen. Before knowing much about Orqa I had thought to myself I'm staying with my HDO's but I think I will be buying Orqa by this time next year. BUT, I'm not going all in just yet, at least not until all the lab rats have bought and tested them out lol.
19.11.2019 19:27:42
I have a 4K monitor on my desktop and a 4K Oled TV, I have HD3's being played through a potato camera and I'm fine with that!I fly race drones, I don't have enough time to count leaves on trees or pebbles on the ground- plus I'ts like you have Robot eyes!Ask me again in 5 years if I want to go digital.
Richard Gabriel
19.11.2019 10:11:29
ahhh.....ahhhh.........ahhh......Man that drives me nuts!!! LOL
19.11.2019 15:18:34
thx for adding headtracker for dji.... i asked for it at your Q&A on YT... great feature!
michael Montgomery
19.11.2019 03:00:15
What should I say, er er er er er er.........
19.11.2019 03:40:49
John Daniels
20.11.2019 05:30:57
Does the Orqa have ipid adjusters that move backwards and forward like the new HD02 ?
19.11.2019 14:28:49
What a great time to be getting into this hobby. So many choices and at the upper end there are three major contenders. At this price point, however, I'm sorely tempted to get the DJI HD setup, the image just looks too amazing.
Brett Yonally
19.11.2019 21:11:36
I completely thought it was Mr. Steele for about 5 seconds.
Mongo fpv
23.12.2019 16:05:29
Awesome job @orqaFPV , Wish I had the funds to get a set ! Did what everyone has been trying to do in a tenth of the time they had !
19.11.2019 15:52:20
Orga looks like a fantastic system, but you are too too late in the market, for the same price I can get 2 air units, the dji googles, a conversion plate for analog receiver and rapitfire receiver incorporated to dji googles, so you price is not realistic. And one single pair of googles for both, analog and digital.
Lawrence Esposito
19.11.2019 02:24:07
Ah ah ah, great video!
Thomas Höflinger
22.11.2019 02:55:35
So FPV One together with FPV Connect will be 210-220 bucks more than HDO2 after christmas ... seriously?
29.11.2019 17:32:07
Are they gonna sell digital modules?
Collin Meyer
19.11.2019 03:54:31
I want to see DJI make their goggle a little more compact and add analog capability! The display is still not as good as good oled's though
19.11.2019 09:03:23
I dont like how the dvr and power button are on the same side.
Alexander Kerner
19.11.2019 12:11:44
They should be dropping the price to the hdo2 level or just a little above. 150$ for a better dvr and another 70$ for the fpv connect? No, thanks.
Nicky Hansen
20.11.2019 14:42:19
Why the talk about his English? He is not native english speaking.I would love to hear many if the native speaking English people talk another language
Michael Matthews
19.11.2019 19:04:36
Orqa: The FPV System for Your Eyes!
19.11.2019 09:55:52
Even if they sold 2000 units, how do they plan on paying 23 engineer salaries after the cost of materials?
Flying Buzzard
19.11.2019 06:25:42
I hear they are also going to develop a cheaper version that leaves out some functions , wonder if that is true ?
KnoX's FPV
20.11.2019 12:00:47
DJI ????????????????????????????????
Danny Mars
20.11.2019 12:06:14
I would buy the Orqa!
Tom Jenson
23.11.2019 03:15:36
I know that not everyone cares for aesthetics, when concerning their goggles. But I do when spending this much cash. Its features are great, but it has the curves of a house brick!
Yosa yogi
19.11.2019 06:17:20
Great review but what the cut at 6:36 mins in. Discussion about the prices? I'm listening
Lowcell Fpv
19.11.2019 18:10:20
IMHO, and just my own two pennies. I think analog will most likely still be on top for a good while, at least until digital gets cheaper, and smaller. At this point, I'd rather run analog. Analog served everyone just fine up until Dji dropped it's hd offerings, Now alot of the big league guys rag on how terrible analog is, and how everyone should move over to digital. My dilemma, is the fact that I have 15+ quads ranging from a Tinyhawk freestyle, to my Roosters, and then myTBS Source X X-Class bird. There's no way at this point in time that I could even begin to justify buying Dji air units for every single one of my quads, especially at $179 a pop. (Do you realize how many analog transmitters I can buy for the price of one Air unit?) Also, the space constraints throw out any possibility of using it on most, if not all micros. So until the size and price shrinks, I believe myself, and quite a few others, will continue to purchase, and use the proven reliability, small form factor, and low price point of analog fpv. To each his own though, Happy Flying!
Koestel FPV
19.11.2019 20:53:02
Omg ORKA????????, please use your 3d print ????. Some are still waiting pre order for 3 months... Sorry your product is total outdated!!!