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13.08.2018 15:32:19
Getting Started in FPV Racing Drone // List of What to Buy Transmitters & Goggles // Flysky & FrSky фото

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Android APP



I highly recommend these products if unsure


kakuteV2 AIO

Hakcrc (Best Budget ESC)

25km Range on these awesome VTX's



The HEX driver I recommended which i bought 2 sets of (Must have if your into building)

Batteries I use

Camera I use

Standoffs I find to be the best

Xt60 Premade I use

Heat shrink I mentioned

Soldering station

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Beata Bortel
13.08.2018 22:36:13
i recommend receiver irangex FLi14+
13.08.2018 15:33:19
Hate being too early because there's no good comments ????
Steven G
23.10.2019 02:18:05
Can you please help me with the fsi6 and fitting a receiver in a diatone gtr 349n under canopy or if it won’t work what would you recommend as I own the fsi6 , please help.
Vincent Holm
13.08.2018 16:09:59
Big thumbs up on the flysky if you are starting and have racing in mind, cause the Range isn't incredible
21.11.2019 05:42:34
can you do a custom 8 motors copter build and test flight.
Mad manc and family RC fun
13.08.2018 15:42:03
top stuff fella very useful info for a beginner who wants to start in fpv like me
Jannes Bosma
14.08.2018 12:01:33
Nice philosophic chat.Why are you ventilating an opinion on things you have no experience with?The flsky is very limited in config and therefore a transmitter you will surely replace as soon as you understand what rc is about. A waste of money. A good transmitter you can sell when the the hobby disappoints you, and is therefore cheaper.Your good advice is about ESCs and maybe FCs, to my opinion.
Martin Hart
13.08.2018 16:32:47
Hi ive got the Flysky FS-i6S 2.4G 10CH AFHDS 2A with the Flysky FS-A8S FS A8S 2.4G 8CH Mini Receiver on ppm. Trouble is no matter what I've tried I can't get my quadcopter to failsafe. I've looked on YouTube and the internet tried everything I found but nothing has worked so was see if you had this trouble yourself.
MSK tech
27.04.2019 17:27:31
fs-i6 also has sbus... i use it in my fpv drone
Zul Erah
16.08.2018 17:12:00
What about VTXs? Do you recomend any?
JefFPV Green
13.08.2018 16:07:03
Does the Frsky xsr receiver have RSSI option? I think i seen a pic of a pad on it for rssi but i might be wrong.
13.08.2018 17:40:42
Great advice... Great list... Thanks a lot.
Gary Derksen
14.08.2018 11:09:27
I love your videos! My first build was the Frog Light with the racerstar all in one FC from your video . It flies awesome! I think from now on though I'm going to go with single ESC because I built one for my brother and also another build with the cicada brand I think it is basically the same thing and two of them burned out ESC s and it's getting expensive to replace . Anyways Keep up the good work!
14.08.2018 11:23:24
Also Betaflight now has a passthrough option. If your FC can power the RX from the USB (a lot can), you can use the FC as a sim interface without the arduino (if going Flysky option). FrSky (QX7) can link straight through USB.Overall good advice.
krypt onite
14.09.2018 21:09:56
Great videos as always DM, I was wondering if you had any of can do a video on 7" long range, low kv build on a budget...thanks
johndlonglake *
12.09.2018 23:22:12
Thanks brother.. great info..
13.08.2018 15:36:17
???? ????
13.08.2018 21:44:51
please review the dys samguk wei motors
13.08.2018 18:43:23
the I6 can be upgraded to have 14ch and a bunch of other cool features and it does support Ibus
Brandon Purdy
13.08.2018 16:09:30
Both the I6 and I6X runs ibus out of the box. The reason why a newbie should get the I6X is because it has 10 channels. 6 channels isn't enough.
09.12.2019 07:00:04
Where did you learn English?This could have been a five minute video.You talk like a girl: blah, blah, blah, speck of info, blah, blah, blah, info, blah, blah, blah.Who, what, why, where, how. Once you've answered those, stfu.
Rui Kade
13.08.2018 16:16:58
Flysky i6,i6s,i6x even the the iRange i6x. They can all run ibus. They are the best budget tx, only common issue are the gimbals. Ive got the irange i6x oem of flysky i6x flashed it with flysky fimware and it now runs flyplus firmware with rssi osd. I also installed qx7 gimbal on it and it doesnt feel cheap anymore. Its so amazing!.
Esk race
13.08.2018 17:37:04
Gotta love the xm+ :) 1.5km is a good range for that price :) I play around in the forest with a 3" with it,and it's so much fun ^_^ 2" inch is up next with the xm+ around in the forest ;)
Cebula FPV
13.08.2018 17:51:55
Frsky taranis qx7s or x9d plus SE?
spooner Fpv
15.08.2018 01:06:28
Another good vid upload
Martin Pridmore
13.08.2018 18:07:23
I started with Spektrum. Spent a year walking round looking for failsafed quads , kicking myself for blowing £200 on a shit radio until I could afford a FRSKY Taranis. Now flying a mile out on a £15 rxsr receiver with rssi . Never had a fail safe with this. To anyone starting out, stay away from Spektrum. Spend £200 on a Taranis X9d se, or even my mates QX7 is brilliant for £80. FRSKY is rock solid
Beata Bortel
13.08.2018 22:29:23
my eachine I6 have also ibus and 14 chanell with rssi
fpv monkey 5.8
13.08.2018 15:59:12
The first time i bought xm + it was broken and i can't change it Should i buy xm+ again because now use a xm* i need also a new fc should i buy the speedybee f4 aio?
Jordan Bass
13.08.2018 16:10:19
I don't know if you heard but you can use any old flight controller as a pass through for your transmitter on your computer. Even if something's damage on it as long as it hooks up to betaflight you can use it 4 simulators and stuff with the fly controller.
Buzz Cola
13.08.2018 16:06:19
The flysky i6 (non X) also has Ibus. And you can upgrade it to 10ch and rssi with $0.50 thing
Driver Man
01.09.2019 17:41:55
LOL I am SO new to this I hardly understood what you were talking about! I need a package with everything included RTF. Will keep looking thanks
05.01.2020 12:28:46
i would get the FATSHARK Dominator V3 for 240$
Including 3 x Upgrade Antennas, 1 x FatShark Patch Antenna,USB Charger, 1 x 5GB 2 Channel Race Band Receiver
or the FatShark HDO for 300$ witout a module... which one should i get? i could also get the skyzone sky02c (i dont need sky02x) for 260$ and some better antennas
14.08.2018 18:06:40
Please more nub videos like this one where you explain the jargon keep then comming.
14.06.2019 19:12:00
HEY the Flysky I6 has ibus. i dind't know that because i'm actually here to learn something but i felt like there weren't quite enough comments pointing that out yet.
Vini Van Gogh
13.08.2018 19:58:02
Can you please make a Video like *400$ TO START INTO DRONERACING * where you Link everything like the droneparts, the best cheap vr Headset, the right controller and batteries and charger, the right Software etc, just everything to Start in to the Hobby So if you are new, you just have to buy the Links and then you can build everything WITHOUT any complications. This would help many People a Lot, like me, I want to Start into the Hobby but i dont know wich charger fits or wich batterie to your 168$ drone.Thanks~Vini
George Downing
13.08.2018 16:02:37
My i6 has ibus!!
Andre M
16.08.2018 02:24:17
Thanks for making this video bud. I am starting to be set up nicely however still am using box goggles so my next purchase will be either the Aomways or fatsharks. I just got my frog lite frame last week so should be starting my build soon. Keep up the good work sir... Oh and I started with the flysky fsi6x and then got the qx7 and a irangex module and love it. I will keep the old flysky transmitter though as I still like it
Chiron Keller
28.01.2020 19:53:19
FlySky 4 Life.
DRONE review man of all drones
13.08.2018 17:41:30
I really like posts like this!!!! Cool post!!!!
13.08.2018 15:44:55
Great videos! Awesome advice!
Rene Fischer
14.08.2018 19:39:07
The normal fs i6 also supports ibus. It is receiver depending if ibus is available.
LeftoverCrass FPV
14.08.2018 14:53:06
I lost the nuts to 3 of my switches on my flysky. Don't do that
JohnnyD RC
14.08.2018 09:39:39
I started flying Quads in December and I used my old spekterum DX8 and I purchased a set of Eachine EV100 but my eyes were to far apart so I went to the Eachine EV800D and I like them I have used them till I won a pair of Aomway commander V1 and I love them ! Now I plan on getting the taranis Xlite and the I believe is the X9D and I'm planning on using them as my long Range radio. I like the Foxeer predictor mini for night flying since I can't take the heat anymore. And for the rest of my quad it always comes down to what's on the market, but for a frame I would go to the FROG. Great video Great information THANKS for the HELP! JohnnyDRC
Vintage 1957
13.08.2018 16:21:56
Any vid for a non racing diy camera drone?