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02.08.2019 23:05:11
Should you buy the DJI Digital FPV system? WHAT ABOUT FAT SHARK BYTE FROST фото

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Should you buy the new DJI Digital FPV system? I'm going to run down the major points that I think you need to know to decide. Including the most common questions ans misconceptions about the system, and a full price breakdown to show how much more expensive DJI is than typical analog systems. Finally, I'll tell you the single biggest reason I think you might pass up the DJI system.


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1:35 - This is the best digital HD FPV system I have ever flown. No joke.

2:25 - DJI has perfectly dealt with the issue of graceful signal degradation in flight.

3:25 - Image quality from DJI camera. Can you give up your GoPro?

4:00 - What about Latency?

5:04 - Price. How much more expensive is DJI than other typical setups?


9:45 - Does DJI interfere with existing analog vTX systems?

11:08 - Will the DJI system work with race timing systems?

11:30 - Doee the DJI system integrate with Betaflight OSD?


12:51 - Cost (discussed previously). Size and weight?

13:47 - Micro quads mean that analog video is definitely not dead yet!

14:17 - DJI's biggest misstep: leaving out an analog receiver.

15:42 - DJI supports only up to 4S. Does not support 5S and 6S natively.

16:02 - The fit of the goggles is awful. Also, glasses-wearers will have to wear goggles over their glasses.

16:57 - Range is dramatically shorter in Europe / CE regions. Only 700 meters vs. 4 miles in USA.

18:08 - The single biggest reason I think you might pass up the DJI system. The social aspect.

20:45 - What about Fat Shark Byte Frost?

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Jace Branham
06.08.2019 00:55:38
No joke, DJI is the 'Apple' of fpv. Expensive but not quite what everyone is wanting. Can't wait for another year to go by and see where we're at tho. And for your reviews of it JB!
Erik X
09.08.2019 19:52:24
Why make a video if you havnt even tested it
Brad Walters
08.08.2019 06:34:52
Does this system require a HAM license?
Photography by Chris Mauser
08.12.2019 16:07:09
Hey Joshua, is there a Pinout for the DJI FPV Camera to the Air Unit Connection? Do you know about that there is a chance to grab the Audio signal from the build in Micro? Than it can be send via separate analog VTX to the Goggles.
Dae'lyn Wilson
07.08.2019 01:25:32
i would be buying this If i didn't have to replace 4 cameras and vtx set ups i love the design of the goggles that sick but ill get a new pair of Fatsharks
Patrick Baranowski
01.11.2019 14:58:31
Yeh buying products from large company's like DJI sucks. Because they play ball with silly laws. Like the UKs 25mw limit on vTx units. But thanks to people that don't care like banggood were good to fly with 800mw
14.09.2019 16:44:37
is there going to be a Digital set up for fat shark that will plug into the fatshark? I bought the ORQA goggles and it would be great to have a digital system that would plug in and replace the rapidFIRE
care factor zero fu
10.08.2019 07:19:18
Complete RIP for a 700m range
H2O- Lobo
31.10.2019 02:42:19
Keep it at the opening
Roto Vicious
10.08.2019 18:27:59
Time stamp 0.58sec in "why dji didn't send me a free set". Love your content bro
21.02.2020 23:41:01
That spreadsheet was very helpful
Steve Evans
06.08.2019 13:08:28
See youtu.be/nv-33Y_gRdA 1:45.
Matt Mountain
06.08.2019 14:54:03
Really interesting to hear that latency was Ok. If you saw Bruce talking about frame rate changes you'll see why it is interesting to hear your experience! Never mind being middle aged, if it was changing latency with signal variations you'd definitely have noticed....
Jeremy broyles
17.01.2020 20:12:04
Dji phantom radio and analog does not mix anytime I run my drone and my friends runs his DJI drone they interfere
Quin Liang
06.08.2019 00:11:37
is it possible to get a video about using this for head tracking on a drone or at least a rc plane? Head tracking would be awesome with hd video
11.08.2019 01:47:24
"You're going to learn something today":IMO.... I don't like it at all... actually. I don't like to be told... much of anything. Who are you to say that I will learn something? You don't know me. Maybe I'll learn something. Maybe I won't. Makes me feel like not learning something just out of spite lol. I mean, you could say I'd learn that I didn't learn something from x video.... If we use it like that sure it's accurate... but it kind of comes off as a bit pompous when the rest of your personality seems playful... If you are knowledgeable, it will speak for itself. So yeah. I'm going to tell you what is good for you. You are going to ditch it. Listen to ME funny little man! OBEY my Iron FIST!... feels... sorta... right?Everyone is your superior, in SOME way.Don't mind me, I'm just anti control to a fault ???? I also don't expect you to listen. Just be you. I am just being me, and telling you what I think about it.. since you asked. <( ̄ー ̄)> ......(; ̄ー ̄)
Thomas Micklewright
09.08.2019 22:16:26
prefer it at the beginning :)
Chicken Arrow
17.02.2020 12:37:44
Hi Joshua, I've just started with FPV and would like to have your recommendation: I don't know on which of your videos I should post my question so I just decided this one: I bought a tiny hawk RTF and flew it for a couple of times - I'm improving my skills from day to day. Next step would be a 3" or 5" drone but I'm struggling if I should buy the DJI System or an analog system. I'm interessted in long range cinematic videos but I would also like flying around tiny places with a cinewoop. Would you recommend to buy the DJI system or still an analog one? What about the radio? is the DJI Radio good for it's price or would you go for another radio? I would also like to fly my tiny hawk with another radio (the one from the RTF Kit is more like a playstation controller).I'm happy about your feedback - greetings from Switzerland!
07.08.2019 08:41:51
So this social problem concerns your friends who can't afford DJI's digital system but Fatshark's digital system is ok even though right now it's only compatible with HDO and HD3 goggles that end up costing the same, but for some reason your friends can buy (or already have)?

You also mentioned that it may be a problem having to use an external analog receiver on DJI goggles but you forgot that users of goggles like the Fatshark Attitude V5 will have to do the oposite and resort to an external digital module connected to the HDMI port to fraternize with their friends using byte frost. It's just a matter of choosing if you want a digital goggles with an analog receiver plugged to be able to see analog feed or an analog goggles with a digital receiver swaying around to be able to see the digital feed from byte frost.

Of course, nothing prevents fatshark from enhancing its technology, but this also applies to DJI (things they haven't done yet to solve problems) so this is not really a justification for not buying the DJI system. By the way, what's the point of launching a system that broadcasts 720p if their best goggles have 960x720 screens?
Mark Wood
05.10.2019 01:09:27
Why do i get the feeling that DJI are like that other company you would find it in a fruit bowl?
Nathan Raaka
07.01.2020 05:48:31
mixing it up at the end is cool
Alexander Morales
06.08.2019 19:07:34
@joshuabardwell I had a question!! I’m a little new to drones and am still learning would I be able to use this adapter to convert the sbus signal coming from the air unit to control my helis and airplanes?? Thank you!!! rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F173971193268
31.08.2019 11:57:03
15:24 I know why, because they wanna sell the upgraded DJI Digital FPV system v2.0, which will be equipped with an analog receiver in six month. That's the way the business works these days, a perfect example for this consumer unfriendly strategie are the camera manufactures Canon and Nikon (and others for sure).
Mad's Tech Reviews & Tutori
08.08.2019 21:11:22
FCC Hack is now out for this, just shared on my channel and RCG.
07.08.2019 10:03:43
I don't think the whole thing is interesting. In the EU and many other countries we can reach a maximum transmission power of 25mw at 5.8 Ghz and only transmit at certain frequencies. If you look at the DJI side, the maximum 4km can only be reached at 1000mw... There also a CE mode is mentioned in the technical data, which can send on 25mw. This also means that a maximum range of 700 meters can be achieved under optimal conditions and without obstacles. Exactly from here the system is uninteresting..., because every analog FPV system will perform better at 5.8Ghz with clever antennas. I'd rather have some picture rolls than a frozen picture. With my 5.8 Ghz analog system at 25mW I also get about 3km far... that just by the way. Furthermore it is shown on the homepage that in the CE mode only 4 pilots can fly at the same time, because the other frequencies are not allowed with us again... So also here again uninteresting. Even in America one needs a HAM license for such transmission powers... I think the system works super, but only if you use these very high powers... otherwise it is more hype than anything else... You also have to consider the risk if you wear a 1 Watt transmitter directly on your face, because a digital signal does not only receive, but also transmits... Maybe I will also make a video on my channel, because nobody has mentioned anything about the application of the system in the EU so far...GreetingsJB copter
06.08.2019 22:45:46
The primary reason I won't want to buy it... because they did not send one to one of the biggest and most honest testers in the hobby. What are they trying to hide?
10.08.2019 03:50:33
No, I should not buy the DJI Digital FPV system.
mega city perp
20.08.2019 04:27:18
im from dji and bam converted ,any spare fat sharks for sale j.b??:0)
bob haz
12.08.2019 16:32:18
DJI it's scared of anyone who does a real review do you really have to register the system to make it work why is DJI working to make more regulations and problems for us
See-more Do-less
17.08.2019 16:18:12
As Always , I did Learn Something ... Quick Suggestion ... purchase a neoprene mask & cut the top ( above the eyebrows ) & Bottom ( below & around the nose ) off . Use the Lone Ranger Mask that you just made for Light Leakage .. By wearing with the Fat Sharks . Are the DJI Occusync & RE Goggles Obsolete ...? Look forward to your response & Thanks Joshua
07.08.2019 01:39:45
If you went full premium and comparable features in analog, it would actually be more than DJI per quad. It records on board, so that's more comparable to a Split / Turtle / Mix. Add that with top of the line TBS gear and an AXII and you're over $200.
06.08.2019 00:00:49
The biggest problem is the size of the „air unit“ right now. No way that it fits in a racer. Its bigger than my whole stack and it weighs ridiculous 45,8g. For me that must compare to a Runcam Racer 2 (5.5g) plus a Unify Nano 32bit (0.9g and size of a nail) which do even hardly fit in my latest slim frames.
Daniel Kreiss
05.08.2019 13:47:45
Too rich for my blood
Xorlord_Widget-Harbinger _
08.08.2019 15:15:08
I was one of those boobs that bought the Clearview goggle mod before considering the RapidFire. Now I fly the RapidFire. I’m waiting for FatShark.
Devin Kim
31.01.2020 19:58:14
I don't know whether you guys stand but DJI is very hands on with the United States Federal agencies and Government regulators. All of you people throwing away your ability to fly free. All for what? A clearer viewing screen. Throw away you DJI SYSTEMS!!!
Sahdin Khan
06.08.2019 13:06:55
I don't care if it's DJI, FJI, FatShark or SlimShark. I buy a product which is reliable, good, has good customer support and ultimately will stay in the market in future. I could care less what name it says on the box. And to say DJI claims 4 miles instead of 4 km is very misleading to say the least.
James Martinez
04.12.2019 00:02:09
Gotta crash...welcome to FPV !!!
345 FPV
20.09.2019 20:01:03
too expensive?? please... people spend more on their iPhones. Anyway got mines already. Fatshark can play catchup. I had enough of blurry video. Time for some real immersion.
Greg Frame
05.08.2019 17:39:42
Thanks! Great review. I agree, the social aspect is a big deal. They tout racing and latency, so I guess your spotter has to have a headset too? Ground station recording? Seems it is not very viable for racing really. Still this is the future and this is a good step forward and will push others to create something awesome.
Victor Muller
04.10.2019 11:20:32
It's definitely a game changer! I tried it for few minutes and was sold!
I have no doubt DJI will make it even better. This is their first step into the racing quad.
Expensive? Trust me, most of FPV users will slowly spend $1k with their setup, unless they buy all their gear at Walmart....lol
I spent about $800 on my Fatshark goggles, rapidfire module, RunCam Split camera, video transmitter and antennas and the image qualify was not even close to DJI system.

Fatshark have been selling goggles for over a decade getting the shark fat, and never bothered to spend money on R&D to do what DJI just did.
DJI FPV system might not complete please everyone yet, but they will definitely rule the high end market for FPV for sure.
Craig chivers
05.08.2019 21:42:56
Totally respect ur opinion. I've learned so much from you. But. In my opinion it's to expensive. I'm sure it would interfere with our systems. I'm no jb but can't see that they can do wat they say. Not yet. I mayb wrong but I'm sure u will find out. Even though most of us could never afford it
Clément Feuillet
07.08.2019 10:46:14
i like in the beggining ^^
Air-headed Aviator
05.08.2019 20:38:02
I have to wonder how many iterations, prototypes and designs of the system dji had to go through to get one that STILL perhaps isn’t 100% competitive with analog. It might be tho, of course, like what Bruce said that the hardcore fpv racer or freestyler wasn’t the intended market, so going all the way to completely crush alternatives wasn’t the goal.
27.08.2019 14:12:57
DJI is for the no brain brigade flyers , plug in play thats why we buy them as a 2nd view camera to watch us do real flying without employing a 2nd person, oops my bad, I didn't say that
14.09.2019 09:16:46
But Josh, it's stated on Getfpv that the goggles require you to use the DJI Digital HD FPV Air Unit.
07.08.2019 17:57:23
Make it small and light enough to go in a high spec 3-inch quad and still be under the 250g limit, ill pay you whatever it takes.
24.01.2020 06:29:10
Budget analog to me is $60.... a $40 pair of goggles and a $20 all in one camera/transmitter running off it's own 1s battery (making it self powered and self contained and portable between vehicles).So $80 vs $800...?
Jeremy broyles
17.01.2020 20:12:35
We can't be near each other
SS Studio
05.08.2019 21:56:42
A JB board with the DJI system a good idea?
Craig chivers
05.08.2019 21:44:41
Y don't u do the jb version. I'm pretty sure u could do it then retire or something. Lol. Good idea though
11.08.2019 09:01:26
I'm totally in favor of the progress, which digital hd evidently is, and i'm looking forward eagerly to the next improved product. I'd sell my fatshark and buy not this one but the next, which would receive both digital and analog. Even if it'd cost more.
JW Lee
10.08.2019 07:06:28
Thanks for your advise and honest opinion!!
Christine LaBeach
06.08.2019 03:51:40
What quad do you recommend for the DJI FPV system?
Makaron Fpv
05.08.2019 21:18:24
Im waiting for fatshark version of digital fpv system
Kent Hinson
09.02.2020 03:17:44
Joshua. I want to support you. Amazon affiliate link??? :)
07.08.2019 08:17:41
Well darn, just when I had my mind made up on the DJI system you had to go and tell me that their could be something cheaper. Couldn't hurt to wait. But that DJI setup is nice and destroys my poor mans setup that works relatively well by the way. I purchased a GoPro Hero 3+, Turnigy L250 5.8Ghz Transmitter, an FPV Monitor, Foxeer Lollipop antenna and a few 1s batteries for roughly 150 bucks and is surprisingly efficient. If you watch my video you can tell when I ran out of guts because the signal began to degrade. I was pushing my luck and came home. But using something like the DJI system would be amazing. Seeing what the drone sees with GP quality would be a wrap for me. www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJCJeFLYHB4&t=92s
l grip1
22.09.2019 00:34:02
Soooo, when and if the arrival of Fat Shark Byte Frost,,??
Christine LaBeach
06.08.2019 03:52:55
Can I fly my Mavic Air with it?
Matthew Wells
06.08.2019 20:12:57
They fit fine except for people w small heads , n they already working on pads
Filipe D
05.08.2019 12:59:47
Just a suggestion, JB: When plugging the "JB from the future" it would be funny to add the announcement chime sound. freesound.org/people/chimerical/sounds/105228/ - just an idea. Cheers and thanks for the video!
Frank Engel
07.08.2019 19:31:13
Hello Joshua i buyed it last week when i was in Germany in Modellsport Schweighofer the biggest seller in Europe , and its the new future for rel FPV flaying its realy incredble and so when you taste it and have this woderfull view , you dont want to have anoter think twice :-)))))))))))))))))