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02.08.2020 04:42:50
☘️ HMDVR Mini Digital Video Audio Recorder 30fps for FPV Drone Quadcopter Q250 F1639 Video and Audi фото

➜ ➜ HMDVR Mini Digital Video Audio Recorder 30fps for FPV Drone Quadcopter Q250 F1639 Video and Audio R
Grab Now Only US $12.50

HMDVR FPV Crossing Machine Special Mini-type Video and Audio Recorder Graphic Display

Boxed pack left and simple pack right

Note: Memory cards need to be formatted, unformatted memory cards always prompt errors, no response. Just format the memory card and it will be OK.

Product use

This is a mini DVR video recorder for FPV traversing machine. It is versatile. It can be used as a camera-assisted video storage device on the airborne side as well as recording and returning video on the ground side.

Product characteristics

Nowadays, many crossing planes are equipped with a camera and an auxiliary camera for video recording, which increases the flying weight of the crossing plane and adds additional expenses. As a small crossing plane, the motion camera weighing 70-80g greatly restricts the maneuverability and idle time of the crossing machine. Now, with our mini HMDVR, only one HD camera is needed to record video while transmitting.

Product Specification Parameters

Mini DVR Video and Audio Video Video Recorder for HMDVR FPV Traverser

Power input: DC 5V

Output Video Format: PAL/NTSC Optional

Video output format (video output size):

VGA (640 x 480), D1 (720X480), HD (1280X480)

Optical Frequency: 50HZ/60HZ

Compression format: MJPEG

Video frame rate: 30 frames

Maximum Support TF Card: 32G

Size: 41.8 x 31.5 x 9.5 mm

Net weight: only 10g

Simple version

Boxed version

Usage method:

video recording

1. The LED 1 light is always on after the power supply is on.

2. Shortly press "K1" once, LED 1 flickers and starts recording.

3. Short press "K1" again, LED 1 stop flickering, stop recording

playback mode

1. Press and press "K3" for 3 seconds to enter playback mode

2. Please click "K1" and "K3" to select the video, then press "K2" to play or pause, and press "K1" to forward and "K2" to play back quickly. And hold pressing "K2" to enter the submenu, including "Delete Video" and "Volume Set". Hold down and press "K2" again to exit the submenu and playback mode.

Main menu

1. Press "K2" to enter the main menu.

2. Select by "K1" and press "K3" to the next one. Enter by "K2"

3. Video recording time selection, you can choose 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes

4. Reset default settings

5. Language Choice

6. Long press "K2" to exit the main menu


HMDVR main body*1

Balance line*1'

3M paste*1


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