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02.08.2020 06:09:31
Potensic T25 GPS Drone, FPV RC Drone with Camera 1080P HD WiFi Live Video, Auto фото

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Great for Beginners or Advanced Flyers

Potensic T25 GPS Drone, FPV RC Drone with Camera 1080P HD WiFi Live Video, Auto Return Home, Altitude Hold, Follow Me, 2 Batteries and Carrying Case

I received this drone as a birthday present from my son who purchased it from Amazon. He couldn’t have conceived of a more thoughtful gift. I had once tried another drone that was supposed to be geared toward beginners but it was very fast and too hard to control. One of the propeller gears broke the very first time that I flew it. That experience virtually made me give up on flying drones. However, the T25 is excellent for those just starting out. I was able to easily control this drone and fly it to a fairly high altitude taking excellent photos and videos. I couldn’t be more happy and have more fun flying this model. It is durable even after three minor crash landings with no damage except for a little grass stain which easily wiped clean. It is loaded with features that even advanced flyers would appreciate. If you are on the fence about purchasing a drone for the first time, this is definitely the model to buy.

Potensic T25 drone with carrying case is equipped with advanced GPS system, engineered to locate the drone. Main Features - Advanced GPS assisted: GPS mode enables precise positioning and prevents losing the drone. The drone will perform a Auto Return when the battery is low or if it loses signal. With this new function, you can have more fun and enjoy safer flight. - Smart Return to Home (RTH): Press this button when the drone in GPS mode will cause the drone to fly back to the home point that you set as take off. Find back your drone when you fly it out of sight. - Follow Me Mode: follow to the GPS in your smart phone, ensuring your drone captures you with high precision wherever you go. - FPV (First Person View) transmission and Optimized 1080P 120° Adjustable Wide-Angle Camera works perfectly, letting you see what your drone sees, ideal for filming a designated spot or simply to look around. - Altitude hold, Headless Mode, One-Key Take-off / Landing and Emergency Stop: These features are perfect for beginners to fly the drone and reducing the learning curve. - Longer control distance: More than 300m remote control distance. Removable 3.7V 1000mAH, high-capacity rechargeable battery with energy-optimized system gives you a vastly improved flight experience. Up to 10 minutes of flight time! -Upgraded 9-Axis Gyroscope: Different from most common 6-axis gyro, Potensic T25 GPS drone adopts advanced 9-axis gyro, it's more wind-resistant and steady in flying, makes the pictures and videos you recorded more You Get: 1 x Potensic T25 GPS Drone with1080P FPV camera 1 x Transmitter 1 x 3.7V 1000mAH Battery 1 x User Manual 1 x USB Battery Charger 1 x Carrying Case

Seller DS-I is the authorized one!!!Convenient and Easy: With a Aluminum Silver Carry Case, you could bring it outdoor conveniently. Headless Mode, Altitude Mode and One Key to Take-off / Land function make easier access to kids or beginners.

Wider Vision & Fluent Transmission: 1080P HD camera with 120° FOV and 75° adjustable wide angle helps to capture clearly photos and more stable videos. WiFi camera provide you faster but clearer image transmission.

Safer & More Stable Flight: Equipped with Dual GPS+9-Axis Gyrospace, drone will stand still in the wind and automatic return home when it is with low power or weak signal or lost.

Smart & Fun: Follow Me Mode & Dual GPS free your hands, while Potensic drone automatically follow you, simultaneously capturing all the videos & photos. Beside, T25 drone will fly as you want once Customize Flight Path function activated.

Farther & Broader: 2*Modular battery 1000 mAh and up to 300m control range enable you to go father and see broader.

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