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02.08.2020 06:09:59
Yuneec YUNBFCUS Portable Breeze FPV Controller, White фото

Check Price On Amazon:

Makes the Complete Package now for the Breeze

Yuneec YUNBFCUS Portable Breeze FPV Controller, White

Just got my Yuneec breeze at the same time ordered a new Samsung J7 and the Newly released Yuneec FPV Full Controller with FPV Goggles, boy all of this went together perfect and it fly's like a dream, the controller is a huge plus. Goggles are not bad either. The newest firmware adds alot to the breeze functions now. Now Just if Yuneec will add the Reverse Key to be assigned to one of the controller buttons it would be perfect

Breeze FPV controller allows users to pilot their breeze in a new way. The portable game controller is connected to the smart device via Bluetooth, and enables users to control the breeze accurately with physical joysticks and buttons. It is compatible with the breeze Cam application on iOS devices (above iOS 8.0 version) and Android devices (above 4.4 version), so you can use joysticks instead of the touch screen of your smart device to control breeze. Meanwhile, your smart device is turned into a display screen, giving you an immersive and uninterrupted flight experience. The breeze FPV controller features two view modes: FPV mode and normal mode. You can view the images through the FPV goggles or from your smart device placed on the controller

Flying with the controller and headset Makes taking photos, recording videos, or flying for fun a new and interactive experience.

Portable Game controller to accurately control Yuneec breeze drone with physical joysticks and button.

Turn your smart device into a display screen, giving you an immersive and uninterrupted flight experience.

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