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09.10.2019 03:02:56
Cinematic FPV vs DJI - What should you buy?! фото

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Категория: Путешествия по миру
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12.10.2019 19:02:16
Nice flying by the way really cool shots
Ryan Shirley
10.10.2019 02:23:21
I have a feeling you’re going to be the next big FPV Pilot :)
Laurens van Roomen
09.10.2019 20:42:47
For a moment I thought you were going to compare with the new DJI fpv system. But interesting video anyway! Cool to see the differences, very well done. I'm still flying in a sim only, to practice for Cinematic flying. And I am still looking for which system I will buy, yours looks good! More FPV I would say!
Kwadrenaline FPV
10.10.2019 20:54:50
Fot me its FPV !
Michal Kedzierski
09.10.2019 06:20:47
Can I ge this a link for where you got your fpv drone?
10.10.2019 00:30:26
Camera Quality is amazing! What camera are you filming this with? (Not the drones)
Jeremi Blurton
10.10.2019 14:51:55
Gabriel Jimenez
09.10.2019 08:50:02
Nice man good job
Elroy Ahmet
26.10.2019 09:40:14
Awesome video! I really like the colours of the FPV Drone and the footage looks good! But i will use the DJI if i want just easy relax footage. I want to try fly a FPV Drone one day. Now i only used a DJI Drones.. Thanks Danny for this great video!
10.10.2019 23:44:40
what strap to buy to strap the gopro?
11.12.2019 02:53:00
Angelo Nunes
09.10.2019 12:10:13
Loving the shots mahn!!
Joel H
09.10.2019 15:51:33
Great comparison mate! I’m picking up my first fpv drone today actually! Also, tossa de mar is beautiful! I were there back in June this summer :)
Alex K.
01.11.2019 21:49:18
Dude, what's wrong with you flying a FPV over so many people? When this thing disconnects it just falls of the sky like a stone. There is no hovering and no return to base. Really man, that s***. You don't wanna be down there yourself. Appreciate your videos and content though but start getting responsible. Is that worth it for 4k followers?
Eternal Slayer
09.10.2019 13:30:46
Very nice video informative, can you give link ???? for your Fpv drone or name, website to buy.
10.12.2019 17:55:26
Flying a drone in Spain is a death sentence. Way too many CTR zones and firefighting heliports (drones.enaire.es/). 0:55 BTW, proindependence flag is in this video.
Nicholas Ewing
19.10.2019 04:42:33
Helpful dude!!
09.10.2019 08:33:46
That Flyin Ryan - Drone Videos
10.10.2019 17:08:04
brooooo im trying to get to ice land in march !!!!!
09.10.2019 13:18:13
Its insane why you dont have moresubscribers then u have you deserve a lot more man, i just want to say that you inspire me a lot to just go out and live life thank you ❤️❤️
Matthew Dahlberg
11.10.2019 02:01:15
I ended up buying the TBS oblivion! Absolutely love it so far! Thank you ????????
09.10.2019 03:14:02
Dylan Amble
31.10.2019 21:05:46
How do you like the TBS Oblivion? looks like it comes pre-built im debating whether purchasing this or something like the Eachine Wizard. love the vid btw
15.10.2019 18:34:12
Kyle Smith
28.12.2019 11:43:01
I prefer DJI drones not because Im a fan boy or some shit , it's mostly because it's safer to fly. Gets the cinematic film that I want. And fpv is cool but it makes me dizzy as hell lol.
Hattash Fpv
09.10.2019 03:22:02
Nice video!
Jack Bisson
10.10.2019 05:44:48
The DJI FPV Air Unit, Goggles, and Controller are pretty slick too. The video is amazing as I bet you. But I mention it for other viewers.
11.10.2019 01:20:45
I have mavic air, but when I started getting into fpv 3 weeks ago I loved it! Built my first 5 inch quad for freestyle , and now I’m building 3 inch cinewhoop. One thing , it’s much more harder to controll and it takes a lot of time to practice , but once you get comfortable, men it’s a lot of fun! If some of you want to get into the hobby , I highly suggest you to watch joshua bardwell, mr. steele , ledrib, dronemesh and many more that will teach you how to build one. I suggest you before you build one, just buy the controller first and start playin on a simulator. Cause it’s not worth it to build one without knowing how to controll it. You’re going to crash A LOT , don’t just buy Ready to fly drone. Build your own so you know how to build it.But one thing , it’s very expensive.
Willy Foxx
06.02.2020 02:28:06
bro, be careful! hahah That is Tossa de mar, next to home...and here is absolutely not allowed to fly, even less with that many people. I'm just saying, I fly too, but you culd get a huge fine in Spain for that :) cheers and good video!